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Future for IPL????

IPL should be stopped for time being
and they should analyze why such things
are happening on regular intervals.Is IPL really needed to be continue? Only in one season, so much police involvement into this League means, there's something wrong with their management. In this regards it should be barred, since it exposed how pathetic they are in managing a league at this level.

So much happened in these last two, three weeks outside the cricket ground, first the sting operation, than SRK brawl at Wankhade Stadium, and now inclusion of drugs in the post match party, where several of IPL players including foreigners were at hold. Maybe its happening since Veena Malik is also in India, so they (Indians) were infected by her "persona".

In my personal opinion, they should barred the next season and investigate why such things are happening. That's the only point, instead of such things happening in your own backyard and in those regards, trying to dictate your …

Stop Pakistan Phobia in the neighbourhood

Pakistan's league ain't for shadowing IPL, mind you!!!Atlast, a sting operation on Indian domestic players. I was watching a video, where the same TV channel which had sting operation on Indian domestic players, currently being played in the fifth edition of IPL, admitting that they were taking amounts for spot-fixing, means those players which were categorized for 35lacs, were taking amounts for 1Crores.

When such things are gonna happen with a PREMIER LEAGUE, thank god we as Pakistanis weren't comparing our Faysal Bank T20 tournament with them. Our former players were saying that this IPL is a fuss. No quality cricket whatsoever (sorry if it hurts my Indian colleagues, but like the way that video uploader said, talk on logics).

First of ALL1. Tournaments are sponsoredOne must have a clear knowledge about the format of MODERN DAY CRICKET that today, cricket is being sponsored by MNC's, whether it comes to sponsoring domestic tournaments, why should I go so f…