24 April, 2016

Younus Khan and 'The Pakistan Cup'

As far as the only thing going on in Pakistan cricket, is 'The Pakistan Cup' itself, and like in the preceding article, I wasn't hopeful with it, because it was being organized as a formality, not with interest or passion, which if required for the organization of a tournament which was supposed to be a World Cup sorta tournament for Pakistan cricket, but staging it only in Faisalabad is what I am skeptical, because a tournament representing Pakistan, should be organized in different cities of Pakistan on Home and Away basis, where we could had utilized underutilized vicinity like Hyderabad, Sheikhupura, etc. but because this tournament is being staged as a FORMALITY only, therefore such opportunities doesn't matter at all for these buffoons.

As far as the title is concerned, Younus Khan aka YK has left 'TPC' citing misbehavior of umpire, which also exposes the incompetent umpires in our SO CALLED domestic cricket.

15 April, 2016

The Pakistan Cup

So called PCB management now initiated 'Pakistan Cup', on the screen it looks like a good one but in longer run it wont be beneficial because of many things.


Involvement of people

  • Marketing of this event was done in hurry, as if one night they got a dream the same day, they started the program.
  • There is no criteria for watching the game on the stadium, because the main purpose for events like that should be first to bring the crowd to the stadium, secondly grooming the youngsters. We don't want an All Stars IX.

Lack of media

Ok, many media houses are sponsoring them, but what about social media? Why isn't a hash tag or something more of that was defined? Here we have to present this as a product, which could be used as a yardstick for future programs.

Future domestic program 

There should be a future domestic program drafted for Pakistan cricket so that we as fans of Pakistan cricket should also be involved like after office hours going to the stadium for watching the game etc. Nothing like that was ever seen from the PCB themselves. Money no doubt is important but Corporate Social Norms are also something to be taken not for granted.

Empty stadiums

What about the youngsters, playing in empty stadiums? We needed to market it properly so that we could see future stars today.

I don't know what PCB is doing

25 March, 2016

World T20 for Pakistan

A day for mourning for Pakistan cricket

Today marks the anniversary for Pakistan winning Cricket World Cup 1992, in Australia. Similarly a memorandum for Pakistan AGAIN not making a spot in next round for two successive world T20 event.
It is a shame whatsoever, because it WAS supposed to be a team which was powerful enough to Topsy Turvy any side,but now the way team is slowing down on crucial moments and not accelerating on the right time is something hurting us as Pakistani cricket fans; that too on the anniversary of 1992 cricket world cup triumph.

What to do?

Initially, (it's my personal opinion) have mercy on Pakistan cricket and stop 'commercial'ism for the time being and invest on domestic cricket which means the new breed, because monopoly in every aspect hurts, and obviously post 2012, this decay algorithm has been deteriorated and similarly we are, as Wasim Akram said 10 years behind to even Bangladesh, India two times ahead of even Bangladesh and we lie behind Bangladesh.

Self exile

Pakistan cricket requires a self exile since Pakistan do requires professionals as PCB is supposed to be a professional organization and therefore it should be run by the professionals. Empower domestic cricket by planning, how to prepare a product, because sorry to say Pakistan Cricket as a Marketing product is something I wished but sorry to say no sign of it. It'd take at least 5 years to generate a new breed,because since the retirement of Inzamam, Saeed Anwar etc we are deprived of finding new batsmen and fielder's.


Major thing since Pakistan cricket do requires planning because;

  1. Pakistan domestic cricket structure is not monotone, once it is A, next time it is B and afterwards it is C. Though my suggestion is just like ICC FTP I. E. The future tours program, it should follow a format which is equally applicable on every district teams of provinces, I say provinces because Provinces do require outsourcing services, because this is the way things are being operated today and therefore they'll be expanding their franchise on regular basis. 
  2. The prime of these provincial basis reforms will be selection into #PSL, District level will be a filter for overall prime tournament I. E. The Pakistan Super League aka PSL. If such kind of system is in progress, Pakistan Cricket Board aka The PCB would be generating funds on themselves, because city and district teams would mean evolution of School, College and University level Cricket, which will definitely earn some bucks for PCB alongside their domestic because franchises will be investing in marketing of their product so they'll be hiring media houses so a culture of inter district border games would be generated which is good for cricket and for the Pakistani team. 
  3. Since each and every district franchise would have their media power, therefore it'd create a competitiveness and a system, and since it'd be a franchised district based system, our infrastructure I. E. Cricket key grounds, accommodation, facilities etc would improve gradually Read English County and Australian circuit.
Postscript : a franchise based tertiary or district based system is now the need of the time since, every team has evolved themselves from 2009; those teams who had problems in facing spin are now competitive and slowly tilt of playing spin well is tilting towards NZ which was supposed to be our jewel. This thing is the requirement of the time and therefore for that at least we would be requiring a 5 years time to create a culture and similarly for earning bucks depending on our domestic circuit instead of international Ventures. Pakistan do requires an exile from international cricket for at least 5 years.
Peace ✌

19 March, 2016

World T20 2016 Pakistan v India clash

Today, I was talking with a colleague of mine at the office, like me he was also a skeptic and was not expecting much of positive result for Pakistan, not because Mauka Mauka but the fact was fragile batting. I agreed with him that no doubt we batted pretty well against Bangladesh, but still if we also go through the recent history of Indian cricket when they have been down, they have returned with flying Colours.

Many of sentimental colleagues of mine were saying Pakistan will thrash them out for sure, being a Pakistani I myself wants the same but Hazaro Khuwahishain Aisi, because whatever happened to India against the untested Spin Trio of New Zealand has gone, and off late I have seen India going away off such or similar situation on regular. So useless to say, India on paper and on ground the best team to take the game.

Because given the situation, India will go for the kill, and like Saurav Ganguly said, the conditions and the pitch will suit India more than Pakistan. The only thing slightly favoring Pakistan is from the heavens, it has been raining ☔ since I came home from office around 2 pm Pakistan time. But another what if; India wins the toss and elected to bowl first? Something like Asia Cup opener on cards for Pakistan? I wish not but the ground realities confirms something else. Let the best team wins and I hope and wish Pakistan team wins.

06 March, 2016

Get rid of Najam Sethi

He might be king of 'chidya', hijacker of original PSL idea, but still instead of bringing goods, he has brought more of a manace to Pakistan cricket. We started losing to Bangladesh in 2015 but I was seeing their gradual improvement from 2010 T20 world event, were they sleeping all these times? If the cycle of WT20 goes as it is going since 2010, when 2009 hosts win 2010, 2010 hosts win 2012, 2012 hosts win 2014, God forbid now Bangladesh.

Even if they improved, so this is on your part that why didn't you improve from the time being. There's management for everything, and this is lame excuse that we didn't get home conditions. India didn't had lanky quick bowlers but because of their management, they have earned it. Where were your skills? The only skills I saw were of sycophancy.

I'll never forgive you how you supported the Big 3. And I am curious why isn't an inquiry being set on you why you supported them. You came as a mafia, hijacked and tamed. Could say more but this is enough for now.

05 March, 2016

Salman Butt

People call me skeptical and rightly so because I do not trust people that much easily and therefore I am a tough person to tackle with.

Similarly, now the news about incorporation of a Crook named Salman Butt, who had sold his motherland for personal gains, wearing Pakistan Jersey, is being justified for playing for Pakistan. Because these buffoons say not much of a talent in batting. Had I being the chairman of PCB, I would had suspended international cricket Ventures, letting them (all Pakistani team) play domestic and league games, groom and accordingly I'd had upgraded the facilities stationed,and than launching a revamped side would had benefitted. Why a چلا ہوا کارتوس being used again and again? Are the morons out of their minds?

But sorry to say, we as a nation out of the mind as well because when I was saying that I don't have grudge with Amir but I am humiliated because a talented Amir is being used to bring a corrupt Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif, but sorry to say people were calling me a BS. Now I am not uttering anything, look into it what your undue favour have done.

Peace ✌

05 February, 2016

Pakistan Super League - over ambitious stuff

Yesterday, i.e. the 4th of February, 2016 - the hyped and over-whelming event for Pakistan cricket the PSL was launched. From a marketing perspective, it might prove to be a beneficial event but sorry to say when it comes to talent hunting, won't help a dime sorry for being sarcastic because the approach is not appropriate.

They were ambitious for the event but not for the revival of cricket in Pakistan, had there been an Indian in their place, he/she might had dropped that query to cash-in the prospect of coming to a country where in general foreign players won't want to play. Plus like we say in Urdu, کرنے والے تو بنو،  I'd look into the Australian model, they revamped their domestic tournament into a T20 league, I used that term revamped on purpose, because they were already working on the model and therefore they didn't need to delete an event/domestic tournament to make way for a new tournament. Secondly their motive was to promote their cricket instead of bring another 'so called' jewel into their tournament lists which they can't even manage properly.

I don't know which sort of talent they'll going to unearth from PSL, god knows because Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Javed Miandad, and the list goes on and on and on, came from the domestic departmental background, and therefore even if they had marketing perspective, initially they should had initiated club games on grass-root level and than in 2 3 years when a scenario was generated, than they'd had gone for a franchise-based-league system, like the Aussies are doing, which had the tendency to replenish themselves. For me, this is all being a pre-written drama because it is not bringing any good instead of just marketing perspectives.


31 December, 2015

2015 and Pakistan.

Just like 2014, in 2015 too Pakistan were good in Tests, awful in Colours, just like we say, Pakistan was not able to keep all of its buckets full simultaneously. Though who have been reading me since time, must know that I have more been critical on Pakistan management than to the team because just like us, the working class, they (the cricketers) are also on the payroll of PCB so I usually end up criticizing the PCB.

2015 in a nutshell:

Test Cricket

Following the legacy from 2014, they were good in tests but awful in colours, same was more or less in 2015. Should I say being a fan that in colours it was a monotone year.

Overall figures Team  Mat  Won Lost  Tied  Draw  W/L  Ave  RPO  Inns  HS  LS 
Pakistan  8 5 1 0 2 5 41.07 3.44 15 628 138

Pakistan due to most of their staged in South Asia,
were a dominant force in white kits during 2015
Unlike someone stating, Pakistan were clinical in tests, I don't think so because most of the wins Pakistan had were in South Asian conditions, therefore I don't think it was clinical because during games at Sri Lanka the second test when the pitch behaved more sporty, as expected Pakistan lost its plot.

In a nutshell, I'd criticize ICC for not having enough games compared to other full nations in a Calendar Year, remember Pakistan is a full member in ICC.

ODI Cricket:

It was a disastrous year never-the-less Pakistan qualified for the Champions Trophy or not, because consistent performance for me is the key to grow instead of winning one odd game to keep the percentages in your favour to attain a seat in a premier ICC tournament i.e. The Champions Trophy.

Overall figures Team  Mat  Won Lost  Tied  NR  W/L  Ave  RPO  Inns  HS  LS 
Pakistan  27 12 14 0 1 0.857 33.61 5.34 27 375 160
In ODI's, Pakistan wasn't so called clinical as they were in whites.

As stated, Pakistan were not up to the task in ODI's because of inconsistency and selection of players, Mushtaq Ahmed himself was found saying England series' was the last phase of their 'experimentation', so it all went down the flush.Though Bangladesh improved considerably but still we should also keep our own house intact before losing so miserably to a country like Bangladesh which is still in phase in continual improvement, cuz Bangladesh never did a Kaala Jaadu which didn't allow our players to show continuous fight till last ball, so there is no shame in admitting that the greatest wound we got in ODI during 2015 came against Bangladesh, not because they were awesome but the fact is and will be they exploited Pakistan off their own weaknesses.

T20 Cricket:

Overall figures Team  Mat  Won Lost  Tied  NR  W/L  Ave  RPO  Inns  HS  LS 
Pakistan  10 6 3 1 0 2 22.25 7.95 10 176 146

Pakistan did well in T20, just like tests because they were consistent in placing the same players and shown their trust on them. The most memorable one was probably the third T20I at Colombo where initially Umar Akmal, solidified by Afridi and later on finished by Anwar Ali and Imad Wasim on the last ball of the inning was probably the best. But one must also remember that apart from the 5 series' Pakistan played, Bangladesh series was won by the hosts, and Pakistan hosted England T20 series was won by England, rest were in favour of Pakistan.

Not wishing good for 2016 because some crook management of PCB are trying their level hard to bring a crook and tainted player to wear a Pakistan jersey. Shame.


25 December, 2015

Muhammad Amir and Pakistan

I am amazed how people in our country are being driven by a man named Najam Sethi who's controlling the media and therefore making the way back for Amir and later on Asif/Butt. I am not optimistic with NS paving way for Amir.

No doubt Amir is from humble background but it doesn't mean because of him we should overlook those who have been sincere and make fun off their sincerity to the game and the green Jersey.

Being Muslims as well, we are not supposed to be acting like buffoons like the whole nation has been. Already this pathetic media coverages pro Amir. What media is actually showing like in one of Gharida Farooqui saying that it is what's on the ground, don't blame us (the media) for showing the reality. I being a critic of media have to agree with it because it really exposed the plagiarism of Pakistani nation which always believes on جگاڑ and hence supporting a tainted bowler to represent Pakistan.

I do not have grieve with Amir but the way NS supporting Amir is something more of a worry. And further more of a worry is that the whole Nation is trying to support a tainted just because of which Amir incident occurred. Had we taken that stance which at least I am firm with my lone stance, things would had been different. But sorry to say this nation doesn't deserve to change because what mistake we did in supporting tainted sportsmen in Pakistan, because of which Amir incident occurred and again this nation is paving way for another of this incident. Pathetic. They so called celebrate عید میلاد النبی But The same Prophet SAW also said that A Muslim cannot be bitten off the same hole twice, and here the same Muhammad Amir incident occurred couple of times.

These half knowledged Muslims mix up crime and sin. I am a plagiarized person, a weak individual but at least I never raped someone, nor I hurt anyone with my acts nor I backstabbed anyone. Whatever sin I did were associated with myself only but also acknowledged it and prayed with Allah for it. Because of that Allah made me away from these. I had to include these because many of idiotic Pakistanis had said as if I am saint.

First of all, crime and sins are two different things. What NS is doing will bring more harm than good. Gibbs was young still why he was forcefully resigned? Because though he was released but still his inclusion in dressing room means fingers raised on the credibility of South African cricket. They rated country over individual. What if England and New Zealand doesn't allow themselves to play against Pakistan team with Amir within? This buffoonatic Pakistani nation will start saying the POMS and Kiwis are afraid of playing against us. They are not afraid, they made fun of us by that and we are giving them that entertainment. I am not gonna say much because I have Quranic verse and a logic to prove that Hafeez and Azhar Ali are right. Islam said to forgive but not to forget. Peace

25 May, 2015

Pakistan v Zimbabwe - at last

Thank you Zimbabwe cricket for bringing the smiles on
the faces of Pakistani people
At last, Pakistani grounds are going to be used for staging Pakistani home games, after eternity. Thank you Zimbabwe Cricket for the support. The (Zimbabweans) do require our support in those regards, which is quite logical, like having a return trip to their country in return.

Other than Zimbabwe, Ireland also expect to be traveling to Pakistan for a complete tour, which I am expecting they (The PCB authority) might be staging some games in Karachi as well, for which we Karachiites are also deprived of.

Zimbabwe tour to Pakistan

Zimbabwe's tour to Pakistan - 2015, cricket in Pakistan after 2009. Initially being played at Lahore amid security conditions, initially it was swapped thanks to Karachi incident, but still since cricket must go on, Zim did come to Pakistan so that they can also have some competitive cricket in a test playing country. Though Zimbabwe did lose both their T20I, still it is the first drop of the rain.

What is for Pakistan?
Pakistan can use this tour
to attract other teams to tour
troubled country

Pakistan can use this tour to;
  1. Gain confidence of other countries,
  2. Grooming youngsters,
  3. Bring crowd to grounds,
  4. Improve ODI ratings,
These are the factors which Pakistan is heavily relying on, because a home series at home is more beneficial than playing the same abroad. We faced this fiasco because of our so called 'buffoon' Chairman Mr. Ijaz Butt, had he had some logical intelligence, cricket might still been played in Pakistan, shame that a cricket starved team's several players are first time playing an international game in Pakistan. Not blaming others but reality is, we gave them chance to exploit us.


Hope that Ireland tour must go on, initially I must say, they should play the said series on a smaller scale, so that things do not get out of control.


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