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A joker indeed

  • I just want a personal question with him, that when he (No offence Mr. Howard) in power, than was that his domain to criticize on Zimbabwe Cricket and to cancel Australia's tour to Zimbabwe and barred all relations with the African Nation, was that justified?

  • or when he being the head of the state, called spin wizard M. Muralidaran a chucker, was that justified? its an insult and disgrace to any simple and a common human being to be called as a thief without having any reason, on the other hand he's a spin wizard and a known sports personality in Sri Lanka and around the globe, so how could he insult him!

  • and why going so far, in Pakistan during the regime of General Musharraf, when Australia was supposed to be touring Pakistan after a span on almost 9-10 years, but was afraid due to security conditions here (however it were not as much bad as they're now), as at that time Pakistan had successfully hosted the Proteas under strict security all over Pakistan, South Africa played almost on different grounds (tests and ODI included), where Pakistan authority had control over security situations, eventhough Pakistan was not given that chance by the Aussies thanks to their prime minister Mr. Howard again, who rejected the proposal of another President.


  1. Murtaza you seem to lack an understanding of what racism is.

    Robert Mugabe is a despot murderous scumbag. His country is in ruins, his people are starving and he killed plenty of political opponents. Not to mention sanctioning the murder of white farmers.

    Murali is a chucker. The colour of his skin is irrelevant. If he called him a monkey then you would be right.

    Howard actually wanted the Aussies to tour and it was Cricket Australia that cancelled the tour.

    Remember that video of Howard attempting to bowl? That was taken in the mountains of Pakistan after the earthquake in 2005 where he was visiting Australian troops who were giving medical support to your countrymen. Hardly the action of a "racist".

    Mr Speed calling Mr Butt a buffoon was very rude and I hope he apologises.

  2. You've your own views and I respect that but these are my point of views so please respect that too Mr. Bob!

  3. @Bob: if he could visit Pakistan than what about the Aussie team?

  4. Unfortunately as I said before, Cricket Australia, made the decision not to tour because of the terror threat. It was not Mr Howard's decision. He wanted them to go.

    When Pakistan was in need of help after the earthquake in 2005, Mr Howard sent help to Pakistan. Yet you keep calling him racist. Why?

    Mr Howard showed he was a friend to the Pakistan people yet you call him racist?


    Clearly states: He managed to annoy Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf over the infamous Oval ball-tampering brouhaha. He picked a fight with the BCCI and Cricket South Africa over the Mike Denness incident. I admit he was a friend but he had his pitfalls too which led him down, else it was Pakistan who voted in the last else Sri Lanka Zimbabwe and Proteas showed their displeasure quite early, because you don't know how much that Oval fiasco humiliated as a Nation, on your PMs reaction on it was icing on the cake!

  6. Here is another example of how racist he is towards the largest muslim country on earth.

    When your injured and you need help then you find out who your real friends are. You can believe all the vitriol thrown up by these Indians or you can make up your own mind.

  7. It also says: Howard is divisive, obstinate and notoriously hard of hearing. If you take the word of his former cabinet colleagues, they say he's not good at listening either--just what you need running an organisation besieged with international rivalries and petty jealousies.

    He may be passionate about cricket, but that alone is not a qualification for the presidency of the ICC. I’m passionate about beer, but people aren’t lining up to let me run a brewery—dammit.

  8. That same blogger says "But there are deeper issues at play here. The BCCI has a vested interest in weakening the ICC and becoming the dominant body in World cricket and they have plenty of money with which to influence their more malleable neighbours."

    If you want Pakistan to be India's lap dog then they've done the right thing.

  9. I never said I overshadowed it, it were his this actions which made him prolong his political career and made room in your hearts, but like Kiwis for you, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India are our neighbours and so like the way you support your neighbours similar the case with us so how could you say that when your ex-PM humiliated a neighbouring country's star, how could we let our lips closed, had WE done the same with a Kiwi, than what would had been your reply than? huh! Had I called Sir John Anderson something humiliating like your ex-PM did with Murali, than how you be reacting than

  10. Seriously some blogger has an opinion and you are using it as fact. You need to check those facts before you start throwing them at me as the truth.

  11. Lets look at this: he calls Murali a chucker but also delivers medical support to Pakistani's injured in an earthquake.

    Yes it's only fair to call him racist.

  12. and Plus we don't hate your ex-PM not as much as we (being South Asians) hate Darrel Hair.

  13. He had his goods and he had his bads and sorry what I feel his bads overcome his goods. and you saying of blogger, you should have the courage to listen to others I in my very first comment clearly said that I respect yours and you should respect my opinion too brother! and as far as your opinion and fact thing concern, I always ask for their opinions on my findings, not to portray as facts because these are my personal point of views, clear! Goto my blog archive as back during the time of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza marriage saga, even then I asked for the opinions on my personal views. Now if you're getting senti than go on, girl pants!


    So brother don't be so harsh (as I know how much Aussies can, with the bat and with their tongue), these are my opinions, so start respecting my opinions too, because I personally don't hate him but some grievances are their in his appointment. that's it

  15. else I never ruled out he helped Pakistan in time of need or his goodness.

  16. You call me girl pants!???? How dare you! Ha ha thats funny.

    I do respect your opinion it's just I believe you are wrong and have given my evidence. You called him racist and I pointed out he has been a good friend to Pakistan and that makes your claims look very unfair.

    As for Hair, he was as stubborn as Inzamam. When Shahid had a bite of that ball recently, I bet Inzamam must have had a heart attack and almost died with shame. Poor Inzi.

    Anyway, I hope the upcoming tests between Aus & Pakistan are a good contest. I was at the last test in Sydney and it was a shame they lost.

    I'd rather watch Pakistan and Aus than India. Pakistan has more talent.

  17. This last comment of yours showed more sensibility, else in your previous comments it was as if you were trying to IMPOSE your suggestion on me!

    I sure myself agree with you on it, I am also more interested in Aussie England matches happening right now, compared to India Sri Lanka as the later would be just to fill their schedule, else the real cricket is what Aussies and England are playing and Pakistan to join soon playing against both opponents, and mind you Pakistan learns alot playing against the Aussies, remember the last TriNation played between Aussie, Pakistan and West Indies in Australia, after the conclusion of that series Pakistan came to India and won convincingly against them, thats what playing against Australia makes you. You learn how to tackle pressure against your opposition. Our coach Waqar Younis also lives and trains in Australia, so I personally respect Australia but might contradict with some of it decisions...

  18. because frankly speaking I am politically illiterate when it comes to politics and that's why there were some reservations...

  19. You got that right that Inzi had his heart in his mouth when Afridi did this ball biting exercise at Perth. Too bad Pakistani sports channels aren't broadcast in your territory, else you'd had laughed till your last breath, literally he wasn't able to speak Urdu properly in front of the newsman, because of that incident.


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