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Atlast! Last nail on the Coffin

I am writing this blog just after an hour and 30 minutes after Pakistan lost to Kiwis by just 1 runs. Yes you read that right, 1 run. Don't wanna say similar sorta things just like a passionate Pakistani Cricket Fan might say (sorry fellows but don't wanna hurt you guys but I am somewhat straight forward and fluent in my statements so no offense if my comments really hurts any one of you) but those who've been on my Facebook Profile, were arguing with me, just before the tournament started (between the dates 25 – 29 of April, 2010) that Pakistan will certainly defend their title etc, whereas I was always replaying in negative, (although I am also a patriotic Pakistani like others are, and it hurts me too when Pakistani team looses the match) but even though behind my negative answer were several logics behind, result of which I was not that much hopeful with Pakistan’s result, but my this thing was most of the time taken in un-patriotic manner(this also shows the intensity of passion and interest of Cricket in Pakistan in commoners) so I don’t mind them at all, because I know how much I am patriotic and I need not to explain it.

For me, being patriotic and being emotional are two different things and like two different sides of the same magnet bar, so that both sides can’t meet each other and I don’t believe in patriotism with blind emotions, but that’s the problem with us! In patriotism we forget the norms of logics, understanding, current actions and its consequences etcetera, that’s why we majority of times get spanked because of it.

This being a cricket blog, I must write about cricket, Indians will remember this because it was against Pakistan at Durban 2007 ICC World T20, bowl-out which India won. At post match presentation that time Pakistani skipper Shoaib Malik clearly stated on record that he didn’t know there was anything like that, on the other hand Indian skipper MS Dhoni mentioned that they were tuned-up for anything like that. We lack in long-term planning and want the result of long-term planning in short-term period.

Similarly the case was today, the team’s composition (whatever the team it is) is created in matter of atleast in months to get tuned-up with other team members and this current Pakistani team had a rather new team with new composition of players in it. Take example of Mohammad Hafeez, although on his last World T20 outing in South Africa, he was one the successful players in Pakistani team, but before entering the tournament he was constantly in and was following the team continuously, whereas this time when he was selected in the Pakistani T20 squad, he was out the team and his inclusion was thanks to ban on some of the players that’s why team composition was already in dismay, than Mohammad Sami, similar the case like Muhammad Hafeez, he made his T20I debut against Bangladesh in this 2010 edition of World T20, and he was also out of Pakistani team since long. If I started calculating +s and –s than this blog will stretch longer.

In short it was a clear case of mismanagement because mismanagement paves the way for players to have say and at times their irrelevant wishes too, every player started to think he’s the boss and no one plays better cricket than him, at that time if the management had act accordingly, this thing might not have happened, or if even it had happened, it’d be on a limited scale (I do not live in utopia to say that if management would have done strict actions at the right time, this MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL) and not as devastating as its now associated with Pakistani Cricket.Right now, Pakistani team is out of 2010 edition of world T20.

Similarly being a die hard Pakistani Cricket Fan, I wish Pakistan do well in the upcoming Pakistan's home series in England against Australia and later England but I didn’t have hopes of Pakistan doing well in England as when they couldn’t play at somewhat Pakistan similar pitches (slow and batting friendly) in the West Indies, so how can they tackle the swinging deliveries of Brett Lee, Doug Bollinger, Stuart Clark, Dirk Nannes, Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris, Ryan Sidebottom, Luke Wright, James Anderson, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad in England’s summer where it swings in matter of not centimeters, not even inches but in measurements of feets.



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