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Pakistan v South Africa in the UAE

It would be a treat watching these two sides compete against each other in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Pakistan cricket board confirmed schedule for their upcoming homeseries against South Africa in the UAE. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are selected as the venues where the series is going to be played. This is the first time that a complete series would be played in the deserts of UAE including test series. The schedule of the series is as below!

ItineraryOct 27Only Twenty20Abu DhabiOct 291st ODIAbu DhabiOct 312nd ODIAbu DhabiNov 23rd ODIDubaiNov 54th ODIDubaiNov 85th ODIDubaiNov 12-161st TestDubaiNov 20-242nd TestAbu Dhabi

Why Younis Khan?

Another bouncer to Younis from PCB by not including him [for sure] for Pakistan's Asia Cup squad to be played in Sri Lanka! The header says it, Why Younis Khan! He has played for the country and just for the sake of saving the team from more disturbance, he was gutsy enough to left captaincy and the team, else do we [Pakistan Cricket History] have such a role model in recent past who himself left the captaincy? Every captain that was changed in recent, was sacked, not resigned! Now Shahid Afridi has been appointed the skipper of Pakistan Team touring Sri Lanka for Asia Cup including the hosts, Sri Lanka, India and Bengal Tigers Bangladesh, and later Pakistan is going to play a tough tour in English Summer against Aussies and later against England, altogether 6 test matches with 2 against Aussies and 4 against England and it would be a testing tour for Pakistan and many of Pakistani players would be having there debut as test players in England i…

Credibility of this appellate tribunal

What is PCB doing? After tonight's episode, what credibility of Pakistan Cricket Board is in the International Arena? I doubt this one person appellate tribunal hearing where the only person conducting these hearings is a relative to Mr. Ijaz Butt. Right now when I am writing this blog, in news headlines Ijaz Butt is clearly saying that it was he who did all this mess, what can you [the media personnel who asked this question] do, I've the authority to do each and everything.What the hell is it? He has made Pakistani cricket a laughing stock! Already cricket in Pakistan is a mere dream and now just because of false credibility of our head of the board, such things are happening, no credibility of our cricket team internationally. Injecting the same players which were responsible for what happened in Australia tour! you must be kidding. If yes than Allah is the savior to Pakistani team, because team is not going to play as a team in presence of Ma…

Wedding Gift with love from PCB

Shoaib Malik got wedding gift from PCB in shape of a ban lift from PCB's arranged appellate tribunal Right now when I am writing this, 11.16 AM Pakistan Standard Time, its been a breaking news in news circuits in Pakistan that former skipper Pakistan Cricket Team Shoaib Malik, on whom PCB imposed ban due to misconduct and creating anarchy in the team, during the disastrous Aussie tour 2009-2010, have been uplifted by the PCB arranged 1 member appellate tribunal. Some saying its a wedding gift to Shoaib Malik from PCB, and this gift is worth mentioning compared to those which he got on his wedding day. I personally don't like him that much and those who call him as termite are quite justified as he was responsible for having a complete Star Plus show in Pakistan Cricket Team, resulting in disunity. Even in the video, which was leaked earlier on a Private Sports Channel in Pakistan, show a member of the six-member committee using the word ‘termite’ …

Controversies surrounding the nomination of VP in the ICC

Mr. John Howard already in hot waters- being selected as the candidate for vacancy of vice-president. Right now while having an injured right knee following a little accident just at the evening, I was reading that Aussie and Kiwi cricket boards have nominated former Aussie PM Mr. John Howard as the candidate for VP in place of Dave Morgan who just finished his tenure after World T20 2010 in the West Indies. His nomination is criticized by South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.Sri Lanka has a reason to object his [Mr. Howard] nomination, so I can't say that they are wrong, if anything similar was happened to Wasim Akram or Imran Khan, I'd had the same reaction, similarly the case with Zimbabwe Cricket Union, Zimbabwe Cricket has made no secret of its opposition to a man who was so critical of it when he was prime minister and is certain to vote against him if the matter reaches that point.On the other hand, Cricket South Africa has taken …

Time to create some backup!

What is life for Pakistan Cricket after them? Are we working for a backup plan who'd replace them after they retire? Although now clouds have been shed from the captaincy of upcoming series' in Sri Lanka and England, but have we thought of a backup plan, for life after Afridis, Younis', Yousufs, Maliks, Shoaib Akhtars etc?

Why we're wasting talent like Asim Kamal? Instead of trying in their later matches in New Zealand and Australia just after the World T20 triumph in England, they emphasized on a player who was instead of attending Pakistan's domestic matches which were on those days, went on to play a private league in Bangladesh, where according to stats mention, he was the high scorer! but did that thing helped Pakistan in New Zealand and Australia when it needed most? Afridi was also in Australia but he did played his part like the first ODI innings which he played and than the captaincy at the fifth and final ODI where Pakistan had…

Skipper announced for Asia Cup and England Tour

Shahid Afridi has been announced as the skipper for Asia Cup and off-shore home-series in England against Aussies and England Shahid Afridi has been announced as the skipper for upcoming Asia Cup to be played in Sri Lanka, featuring India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. After that they are gonna travel to England where they have to play against Aussies and later against England. The importance of this series is that this is a full fledged home-series Pakistan has able to play against any opponent since the attack of Sri Lankan team convoy in Lahore on 3rd of March 2009. After that incident Pakistan played a ODI and one only T20 series against Aussies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi just before the 2009 edition of World T20 in England.Another big news is that some of the seniors minus Mohammad Yousuf have been recalled in the 30 member probables, like Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik and Shoaib Akhtar to name some.I personally feel the inclusion of Shoaib Akhtar would ben…

Hit me hard!

Yesterday after listening to Younis Khan's allegations that he was banned without giving him a chance to clarify his position on his indefinite ban imposed by the PCB claiming he was one of the responsible person for creating anarchy in the team during the disastrous tour of down-under 2009-2010.

I am curious to know that after the ODI leg of concluded test series in New Zealand, which was played in Dubai, Younis Khan had resigned as the leader of the team and in place of him, Muhammad Yousuf was made the skipper of the side for New Zealand and Australia tour, and he (Younis Khan) was only available for the 5 ODI series against the Aussies, so how can he be responsible when things were starting to topsy turvy just at the eve of test series played in New Zealand where he was not available neither as captain nor as a player.

It was the responsibility of team management to prevent this situation as soon as possible, and because it was the failure of management more than the players, P…

Shahid Afridi confirms himself for tests

Yesterday Shahid Afridi confirmed himself for the upcoming test series against Australia and than England in England. He last played a 5 day international test match against England in England in 2006.

Although couple of days ago from unconfirmed sources it was being said that he might go for a test retirement but yesterday all those rumors got vanished when he confirmed that he'll be available for playing tests for Pakistan in England against Australia and England.

If we go through tests stats for Shahid Afridi, it shows positive results, his last home test was against the Indian, where he had shown his class and told the world that he can play test cricket aswell and labeling him to ODI and T20 limited cricketer only is unfair to him. He had his self exile from test cricket as since 2006 he was not selected for test matches although according to stats he's more successful in tests compared to ODIs and T20s.


Blame me not!

This is an old game played with Pakistan cricket with renovated ideas. Flashing back to the time when Sarfraz Nawaz, Javed Miandad, Asif Iqbal etc used to play, even than such things used to happen i.e. politics in the team, resulting in some of the worst results Pakistan cricket had. But what being happening right now with Pakistani cricket can be called as the job done by insider and outsider both. Creating an anarchy situation in the team is disturbing the team’s moral, resulting in worst results produced recently. ICC’s website says so, if you flashback to previous years’ rankings of Pakistani Cricket Team, there have been a certain decline in the team performance because early 2006 Pakistani team was ranked 3rd but after the disastrous 50 over CWC in the Caribbean, being the last Cricket World Cup for both Inzamam-ul-Haq and Great Late Bob Woolmer, died just after unexpected Irish win against Pakistan (May almighty rest his soul in peace, always), after that Pakistani team had (s…

Action justified clearly

Pakistan Cricket Board should take strict but sensible decisions on management as-well Some might say Intikhab Alam have been rough and rude to current Pakistani players, but I think it clearly justifies when you can't perform on the field and off the field aswell, everyone was looking in a hurry and wanted to show himself superior on the tour. That's not only me saying but everyone who closely followed Pakistan's tour of Australia, even in a TV clip I heard Mohammad Yousuf saying that Ricky Ponting said to him that his troops are not marshaling along him. On the other hand, Shoaib Malik was heard saying that it was not because of him that Pakistan lost but it was because of the defensive approach MoYo adopted, which resulted in disastrous tour down-under. I just want to ask one question, that ok MoYo was defensive, and one must admit that, but that wasn't ONLY the reason behind such performance? Dropping of catches, mis-fielding, bowling not upto the mark, is…

Asian teams can learn alot from England!

Victorious Team England with ICC World T20 2010 Trophy Dileep Premachandran writes in the Guardian that the Asian sides in general and India in particular can learn a lot from the selection calls England made for their successful World Twenty20 campaign.England's last World Cup campaign in the Caribbean is best remembered for pre-dawn pedalos and Battle of the Bottle headlines. This time, the Red Stripes and the El Dorados went hand-in-hand with terrific team spirit. With 2011 looming, the first thing to do is follow Andy Flower's example and be ruthless in squad selection. Yesterday's six-hitters are of no use tomorrow. Picking players on reputation is always tempting, but it seldom works. Misbah-ul-Haq, for example, got Pakistan to within a big hit of winning the 2007 World Twenty20 final. But what has been his output over the past 12 months? Is it worth persisting with him when an exciting talent such as Hammad Azam waits backstage?For India, the decisio…

A termite indeed

PCB must look options other than Shoaib Malik himself As some analysts clearly mentioned Shoaib Malik, that he's a termite and is responsible for disunity in the team, I don't know why he's persist with, we all know he already had confessed on the National TV (PTV) that he had fixed a domestic match playing for Sialkot region, still there have been support FOR him, I think people running Pakistan Cricket Board are nuts.

When he could fix a Pakistan's domestic tournament match, so how can you be so sure that he would not do the same in the broader arena? If he's a team-man so why he opted to sit out on a green top against Kiwis, pre-Aussie tour- no answer!

He also knows that he's invincible and no backup program or plan is underway that's why he's using his powers, else like some analysts said in a newspaper article regarding his family background and history and than his expenditures in his Valima, I don't wanna go that far…

Conclusion ICC World T20 2010

If you ask my opinion, it was not as happening and interesting tournament as it was in the England edition, not because it wasn't won by Pakistan but because the manner this tournament was played and the amount of crowd came into the stadiums to watch the matches, secondly being a cricket watcher I didn’t had that suspense element in any of this tournament matches like we had in England where there were many upsets (like Netherlands beating England etc), in this tournament the only nail biting match played was between Australia v Pakistan Semi Final 2 played on 14 May 2010 which was a nail biting one, you can also call New Zealand v Sri Lanka opening match played 30 April 2010, which you can say was filled with suspense and increased television ratings.

Secondly was the timing of the tournament, all the matches were played in West Indian day timings, which didn’t generate that much of interest as we’re accustomed to watch majority of T20 matches under artificial lightings, just loo…

What is next!

After a fight shown against the Aussies in 2nd semi final of World T20 2010 edition, Pakistan cemented their position in 2012 edition of ICC World T20, being the leader of group D, if seeding system is taken underway.

Pakistan's group D would consist of Pakistan, South Africa and an associate nation. Don't wanna say that we lost because of the following reasons, but some of them are really logical enough to be overlooked!

Pakistan's team combination!
Pakistan's team comnination was in complete disarray, and induction of players was continuous and it wasn't allowed to be settled, unlike the last time when Younis Khan and co. were glued and had a combination which later fired in favour of Pakistan. This time it wasn't the similar case.

Undertainity aspects!
There were many undertainity aspects in the team, like announcement of the team before announcement of skipper, just imgine, you are announcing the team without the person who'll be leading them in the tourname…

Praises to Salman Butt

Yesterday Salman Butt played innings of his life and I'd call it bad luck for Pakistan and good luck for New Zealand that at the crucial moment Salman Butt had to change the ends and Rookie Abdul Rehman had to face the music from Ian Butler, which in resulted in 7th wicket on the last ball of the 20th over.

I was reading some of the blogs, where there were criticism on Butt regarding "useless long stay at the pitch", I say just like the test cricket and ODIs, this cricket requires to stay on the pitch aswell, similarly the game Javed Miandad and Asif Iqbal used to play during their time, i.e. keeping the score board tickling and hitting odd boundary or a sixer on a particular delivery, the only difference is that in test match we have 90 overs a day, in an ODI we have 300 legal deliveries and compared to T20 module, we have 120 balls to have major score!

Those who're criticizing him, should remember that he wasn't responsible for any run outs unlike previous occasi…

Atlast! Last nail on the Coffin

I am writing this blog just after an hour and 30 minutes after Pakistan lost to Kiwis by just 1 runs. Yes you read that right, 1 run. Don't wanna say similar sorta things just like a passionate Pakistani Cricket Fan might say (sorry fellows but don't wanna hurt you guys but I am somewhat straight forward and fluent in my statements so no offense if my comments really hurts any one of you) but those who've been on my Facebook Profile, were arguing with me, just before the tournament started (between the dates 25 – 29 of April, 2010) that Pakistan will certainly defend their title etc, whereas I was always replaying in negative, (although I am also a patriotic Pakistani like others are, and it hurts me too when Pakistani team looses the match) but even though behind my negative answer were several logics behind, result of which I was not that much hopeful with Pakistan’s result, but my this thing was most of the time taken in un-patriotic manner(this also shows the intensity…

Lets accept it!

Lets accept it, Pakistan isn't deserve to be playing in the super 8s after such a disastrous performance in fielding department and right now when I writing this blog Pakistan has dropped two catches, thats why I am not watching this game and instead having a bed rest after having eye infection problem, and that too I think is a wise decision.

Unlike other Pakistanis I am not hopeful for Pakistan to commence to semis, final berth and winning a final is another thing, even if they win it, they doesn't deserve to be, after playing an overall episode of Star Plus dramas in the team, with their director Mr. Yawar Saeed directing the show, I don't think it is going to happen that Pakistan produces the same performance like it showed in England Edition.

Lets accept it Pakistanis that this year its not our turn to win this tournament. Like one of the Pakistani editor of a Cricket website, what about the punishers, players got their piece of punishments but why they punishers were s…

Pakistan's first encounter in Super 8s

Yesterday after Australia winning the match against the Bangladeshis, Pakistan automatically qualified for Super 8 stages. Yesterday the group matches ended with expected results i.e. Australia beat Bangladesh and South Africa beat Afghanistan.

Now today 6th of May 2010, the first match being played is of defending champion Pakistan with England, two good and equivalent teams with combination of youth and experience with England have the upper edge as they have their players available else Pakistan is limited in players like Malik, Younis Khan etc.

Tonight's encounter would be a worth watching game as winner of tonight's match will confirm their seat for the semis, and especially the first match of any tournament, group or series has worth mentioning importance as they get psychological advantage in their later matches.

Pakistan has the tough group ahead, as its to play against England, New Zealand (Don't under estimate them, they are group leader from Group B beating last ye…

Duckworth and Lewis Method

[Taken from] Was Paul Collingwood right to question the target set for West Indies by the Duckworth Lewis Method? I believe he was right, and it was disappointing that Frank Duckworth dismissed his concerns so readily. Statisticians, and I work with many, have their preferred methods but the best statisticians will always accept that each method has its flaws. Show me a statistician whose first answer to a statistical question is 'it depends . . .' and I'll show you a statistician with wisdom. Here's why Collingwood has three arguments in his favour:The alternative would be increase the weighting in favour of the side batting first in these circumstances.1The statistical argument: The higher number of data points available, the more reliable any statistical estimate. With only 14 balls bowled by England before the rain set in, the sample was too small to reliably…

Nervous times for Pakistan

Today is the all awaited encounter for Pakistani fans, its not a Pakistani team's match but its encounter between Bangladesh and Australia, this match will clear the dust from the points table of Group A which is still undecided whether who's going to be the leader of this group. Pakistan already have played its quota of two matches, one comprehensive win against Bangladeshis and one lost against Aussies against them, we lost miserably and the advantage we gained in win against Bangladeshis was all drained in next 24 hours when we lost against the Aussies in our second encounter and in return we lost the match and probably early exit in the tournament, because Pakistan's inclusion in the tournament is dependent on Australia Bangladesh's match.

If I were the skipper of this Pakistan side, like I said is one of reply's that this would have been my last option to depend on other team's result.

Even if we had lost the match but had reduced the defeat margin, and not …

Bangladesh can take Pakistan's hope for qualifying for Super 8s on their encounter against Aussies

Matter taken from

It could happen… Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by the rather comfortable margin of 21 runs in their opening match, but ended up losing heavily to Australia, and that 34 run loss means that Bangladesh have a very realistic shot of upstaging the defending champions and giving them a humiliating first round exit. Here is the points table as it stands right now:

Group ATeamsMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet R/RForAgainstPakistan (01)211002-0.325329/40.0342/40.0Bangladesh (08)101000-1.050151/20.0172/20.0Australia (09)110002+1.700191/20.0157/20.0Simply put, all Bangladesh have to do is defeat Australia while maintaining that they score not less than 12 more runs than they have conceded in total. That gap is currently 21, so if they beat Australia by as low a margin as 9 runs they will end up with a better run rate than Pakistan. Lets t…

National Stadium in Karachi

This post is regarding to Pakistan's second largest Cricket playing stadium, National Stadium of Karachi (mind it, there is a National Stadium of Dhaka too). Some of the great innings have been played here and some of the cricketing greats emerged from here, Sachin Tendulkar also made his debut here at NSK.

It's outfield is one the best outfields in the country and since the inception of floodlights into this stadium interests have generated the most.

The reason of this blog is that I feel (I also fear that some might not agree with me) that the kind of renovation and up-to-date improvement work on this stadium has not been done, take example of MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), the committee who were responsible for the purpose were aiming ahead for it, that's why they were ambitious in renovation and improvement of the stadium so that I think its the biggest of Cricket Stadiums where international cricket is being played. Even in the 1992 Benson and Hedges World Cup which Pa…

A threat for early exit for the defending champions

Prior to last night's clash between Aussies and Pakistanis, Aussies no doubt outclassed Pakistanis in every department of the game, which was expected and which I was concerned for but other people didn't acknowledged it and were being optimistic with the result.

Don't wanna say anything regarding yesterday's match and performance of Pakistani team but now we're on the mercy of Australia v Bangladesh match, which I think is gonna happen that Aussies would want Pakistani kicked out of the world T20 by making Bangladeshis winning the next encounter against the Aussies because Pakistan no doubt can prove to be a tough opposition for Aussies. That's why teams have this option of depending on other team's results on their last priorities.

So I bet it would be Pakistan who would be returning home, because statistics of Group A are saying so, after playing two matches Pakistan got 2 points with Net Run Rate of -0.325, whereas Australia after winning their match yest…

Today's the real challenge!

Yesterday Pakistan hold their nerves and win convincingly against the Bengals, although they do made the party somewhat sour with their gutsy batting and while their former skipper was on the crease, it looked as if another upset is going to happen.

Unlike other teams utilizing and capitalizing on their medium pacers and spin department, Pakistani pace battery fired with 5 off 7 wickets were bagged by Sami and Aamer with 3 and 2 wickets a piece! Pakistan was playing without Muhammad Asif who was rested for yesterday's match prior the important match against the Aussies on the same venue tonight.

Again I need to mention that I am not a great fan of statistics or past performance but the current form is what important. Pakistan off late have been trembling in T20s against Australia and barely squared the series against English at Dubai late March, but if I go through T20I records between Aussies and Pakistanis, Pakistanis have the edge with a handful margin, but one can't predict …

Is IPL a standard for calculating T20 capabilities?


Is IPL is a standard for utilizing T20 capabilities? I don't think so, its a rubbish rushing madly for IPL contracts just for the sake of earning money! If they've contributed the same to Pakistan's domestic circuit, it would have flourished- but why am I saying so, sense of patriotism is diminished from us, else we should look at English players, how patriot they have been to their country that they didn't participated in IPL3 just for the sake of saving themselves for World T20 in the Caribbean, but here our players just waiting for the time when Pakistan Cricket Board will issue them NOC for playing in India and they'll rush madly to the next available flight to India.

I don't have objection playing in India being a Pakistani fan but country and its dignity comes first. Don't wanna mention some of the key players of Pakistani cricket who're willing to p…

Start of Pakistan's Journey in World T20

Today at 10.30 PM Pakistan Standard Time i.e. +5 GMT, Pakistan is going to start its journey in World T20 against Bangladeshis who have been gaining some form which have been seen in recently concluded series' against England and India at home, so this time it wont be that much easy winning against them. Although record show that their last win in WT20 was back in South Africa edition in 2007, and against Pakistan, Pakistan have the upper edge against them winning all 3 matches overall.

But like I mentioned earlier I am not a great fan of rating the teams on stats or past performance. Sign of improvement have been shown in Bangladeshi cricket team just like before the eve of 1996 Cricket World Cup in South Asia, Sri Lanka improved themselves to be a tough competitors in presence of Pakistan and India in the region, similarly the case I've been seeing with Bangladesh.

They already have beaten the best sides in ODIs like Australia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka too, and Bangladesh…

Schedule and Points table ICC World T20 2010

DATEMATCHESGroup MatchesFriday April 30
17:00 GMT | 13:00 local
22:00 PAKISTAN TIME1st Match, Group B - New Zealand v Sri Lanka
Providence Stadium, Guyana Friday April 30
21:00 GMT | 17:00 local
02:00 PAKISTAN TIME +1d2nd Match, Group D - West Indies v Ireland
Providence Stadium, Guyana Saturday May 1
13:30 GMT | 09:30 local
18:30 PAKISTAN TIME3rd Match, Group C - Afghanistan v India
Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia Saturday May 1
17:30 GMT | 13:30 local
22:30 PAKISTAN TIME4th Match, Group A - Bangladesh v Pakistan
Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia Sunday May 2
13:30 GMT | 09:30 local
18:30 PAKISTAN TIME5th Match, Group C - India v South Africa
Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia Sunday May 2
17:30 GMT | 13:30 local
22:30 PAKISTAN TIME6th Match, Group A - Australia v Pakistan
Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia Monday May 3
13:30 GMT | 09:30 local
18:30 PAKISTAN TIME7th Match, Group B - Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe
Providence Stadium, Guyana Monday May 3
17:30 GMT | 13:30 loc…