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More mismanagement than players' power!

I don't think it was a matter of more players' power, it was more of a combination of stupid management, I write that right, it was more stupid than that of the mismanagement term, because the management is having loose control on players, so that's why they have been practicing this self ego exercise regularly.

If there weren't a problem like that, than players didn't dare to do such things, like exposure of personal ego, coming into the media, and trying to pull another player's leg by exposing his name and saying he's the one because of which team is not performing well. I admit they've been a great players but they should be handled properly and made them understand the lines of do's and don'ts because they are not above the rule, game and the governing body of the sport in Pakistan.

Even if there are grievances in the players, they should be solved without being the breaking news material for the news channels in Pakistan and whole over the world, and plus they shouldn't be allowed to play with the name of the country that I play for my country that's why you should listen to me whenever I want to - this attitude must be removed from our players, and it can be removed with implementation of effective managerial skilled managers, not like those managers who take couple of senior players to the Chairman of PCB just to complain about that player who has just won them T20 world cup, for which they've been counting it as their major achievement, made them kicked that player out of the team by making the players to retaliate against him, with the incentive that they might be the next skipper of the green shirts.

Haven't they listen to that story in the end the moral of the story is that, جیسی کرنی، ویسی بھرنی means the person will harvest the same crop which he seeded months ago. Than how could they be so sure that they players will not disobey him, after what he did with another skipper? Its just because of stupid management of PCB which is working on friendships and relations, like the current team Manager of the National side is so called "50 year old friend" of Chairman PCB. Is that the way an organization works? Instead of making merit the criteria, they have been chairing friends and relatives.

Its my personal opinion that I have somewhat sympathy with the players but not with the stupid, idiotic management.


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