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The ICC and 'The Dynamic Trios'

I hate this concept when negative politics takes place especially in sports. Don't need others to agree with me, but sport should be void of such tactics. 
Revamping of ICC and the Trios
For me, this is a way back to that IMPERIAL CRICKET COUNCIL era, the only difference is South Africa is replaced with India, since South Africa opposes this scenario, whereas for Pakistan as well, this scenario is not suitable either.
Demerits of this exercise
1. The Governing body may lose its sole role and importance 2. The cricket boards, upon desecration, will incorporate their own rules and regulations 3. No standardisation 4. Cricket boards are gonna blackmail ICC, for letting their work done 5. Audience are gonna lose their interest in the game, since there won't be consistency in the itinerary 6. Tournaments will surely lose the factor of competition, since the opponents would be the same all the time 7. Demarcation in the cricketing world, dangerous for cricket
Don't want to be over-rational…

Third Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka

First article after a very long time, in the new years. with the first test of the year for Pakistan ended in Sri Lanka's win. For me, Pakistan was complacent after playing a draw against them and never saw that the way Lankans came back in the second innings, showed that they had some other plans. Lame excuses that Pakistan lost due to low and below par first inning score and secondly due to toss advantage.

Pakistan also won the toss in the first test and Lankans also lost quick wickets in first innings, still they took the fight and returned back rather strongly in the second innings, could PAKISTAN done a LANKA? That's why I say lame to say that lost the toss and low first inning score responsible. If that was the case, than why legends say that you have to play test cricket session-wise.

WHAT THE PREDICTORS SAY?RankingTeamMatchesRatingsPoints5Pakistan2525381026Sri Lanka26229588 IF PAKISTAN DRAWS THE SERIES 1-1
Pakistan is going to stay at 5th position with 29 matches and …