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Shoaib Akhtar at his best

Lime, Spot or Floodlite???

Although he might be right in his assessments butstill it might be a tactic to bring spotlight to anentangled Pakistani side.

I was going through different cricketing blogs when Mahela Jayawerdena's article on his blog went through, where he said that Pakistan's also a contender for winning the Cricket World Cup.

But being a cynical in nature person, I'd say that it's just a tactic to being Pakistan into spotlight, so that others would read them. Although they're already rated as the dark horses but being dark horses and being in spotlight and contender for the trophy are two different things.

Why I am saying so? I feel that Pakistani cricket team would be less under pressure when no one's expecting from them. Plus his own Sri Lankan team would like to transfer the pressure from them to Pakistanis, as they're playing at their home and apart from having home adv…

Creating loop-holes themselves

Appointing a penalized and banned cricketeras a cricket analyst...? What happened to themedia guys?I don't know what the hell has happened to the guys at media, who constantly wobble about media ethics and this and that, and they've allowed a penalized player to be giving his opinion on a private Pakistani Television during the Cricket World Cup.
What I say let them feel that they had committed mistake by letting them instead of giving them space on Television. Although he would be giving his professional opinions there but its also giving an impression that we don't care as a nation whether a person is good or not.
Although I must admit he's a great player but he played those innings to bring fame for the country and this time, country has been defamed because of these trio's stupid act and in the mean time we're giving them space on TV.
Why I am saying so? I am saying so because at the time when M. Azharuddin was barred from parti…

Boom Boom did it!

It must have looked well if this mistake of having two stars on a single crescent couldhad been avoided by using the impression of crescent with PCB's star. Pakistan's Official World Cup 2011 Kit
On a personal note, I've a so so rating with this current cricket team's kit for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. Liked the innovative style of this kitting specially when for the first time, Pakistan also went for polling on and BoomBoom Cricket (the official kit supplier for Pakistan Cricket), just like the way Indians and other cricket boards do, and one must acknowledge that fact Boom Boom is really doing its best to have some innovation, and promotion strategies, else when Slazenger or other kit manufacturers had the contract for manufacturing rights of kits for Pakistan, they didn't promote it for Pakistan team's fan whether it was 2007 ICC World T20 Kit, or 2009 ICC World T20 kit, they were not as promoted as this …

To have some, you've to lose some

The cricketing career for Salman Butt andMuhammad Asif has got an end, and similarlyit won't be easy for Muhammad Amir to have a comeback after 5 yearsBy the time I'm writing all this, since my last post, things still messed up for EG, Kolkata and their first match of the cricket world cup is shifted to Chinaswammy Stadium, Bangalore, but a similar sorta debacle came for Pakistan yesterday when the suspended Pakistani trio, Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir were penalized for 10, 7 and 5 years suspension respectively, which means that Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif's career has got an end, because a 10 year and 7 year suspension sentence means they can't participate in any kind of registered cricketing event for that time period.
On a personal note, I favour this suspension, because literally as I conveyed the same message to my fellow colleagues in my working place and in my university that at least it showed us the points and…