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Yousuf out, Younis in for national team

Yousuf out, Younis in for national team

LAHORE: Test Cricketer Muhammed Yousuf is not on cards to be included in national squad to play series against South Africa owing to injury, Geo News reported Wednesday.

Meantime, former captain of national cricket team, Muhammed Younis met Ijaz But, chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), raising the expectations that he would be included in the squad to be selected for South Africa series.

It should be mentioned here that Yousuf is not attending the training session for fitness problems.

So popular yet so neglected

A brand so popular in the norms,
but neglected in its scheduling and
marketing affairs, which is pathetic Today is the final of Pakistan's domestic T20 Tournament, which has caught hold of the nation like a viral fever, although hype was already created by airing them on TV but fingers should be pointed on marketing side of the PCB, who instead of encashing this tournament which is a successful package in Pakistan, by investing more money more sponsors so that like Australia's big bash is aired all around the world with creating their own standards similarly we can do the same.

By such tournaments we can convey a message to the world that Pakistan isn't that much dangerous to be left out. Although it'll take time but such tournaments do create a space for lobbying for the country, like again I should mention about the Australian Domestic Tournaments, which is known world wide.

I was watching the highlights today of some of the matches as I missed many matches thanks to m…

They showed us how the cricket BE played!!!

Credit must be given to Bangladeshis for giving up a
good show and showing us that a game
consisting of Bangladesh is not a boring game anymore... Credit must be given to the brave Bangladeshi cricket team for showing a courageous show on the field against the Kiwis, winning the series 3-0 in the fourth one day international played at Mirpur. For me, the main reason for having this a important milestone in international cricket is that unlike previous Bangladesh's matches, the marketing aspects of their series' didn't worth as much as India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Sri Lanka worth. Even at the start of this series, Kiwis were thought as the favourites for this series, as they already had a series win against Pakistan in the UAE...

The Bangladeshi's really showed the cricket world how the current cricket should be played, competitive and a game which could be anyone's at anytime, unlike a one sided game or a series, which could be and is proving to be a problem …

Future of Test matches

Test match series' need to be result oriented
in order to get interest in this format of the game! There must be the need of revitalizing test match cricket across the globe between 10 top test match playing nations, so that they can/could be the role model for associates to follow...

For the same purpose, first we should look into the matter why test match cricket lost its importance in the passionate cricket lover countries in the globe, namely Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka to name some, as cricket in this region is followed with great passion and spirit, but the crowd and television ratings for test match cricket in South Asia compared to One Days and T20 cricket is very low, resulting in low attendance in the test match cricket as the main reason is that the duration of test cricket and after that even if one buys a ticket for a test match being played at National Stadium Karachi, Feroz Shah Kotla Delhi or SSC Colombo, after watching the game for almost five day without a result …