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Was that really necessary?

Was that much hype really necessary for arrival of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza in Pakistan? Whenever they started their tour of Pakistan, media instead acting sensibly and educating the mass to how to act in these situations and to let them watch it through media, they created such hype that made people to rush through the airports and to those areas where they were about to roam.

Wasn't that insulting so much of people were eagerly waiting for just to have a glimpse of them but they used another terminal to enter the city and the country! Was that really necessary when it was known that like our Cricket heroes after winning the 2009 T20 cup arrived here in privacy and with so much security without showing their glimpse, so how could they don't have figured that out for Shoaib and his newly wed bride with her family?

The responsibility not only fall on the shoulders of people that they couldn't hide their enthusiasm but it was the responsibility of media (both print and electronic) to educate the people how to act in such circumstances, instead they've been acting like those parents who've spoiled their child by offering and granting him/her whatever he/her wished for, without knowing the importance of it...

Now till the latest reports that Mirza family here in Pakistan have been handled and even because of the media personnel "enthusiasm" Mrs. Mirza fall just at the doors of the 5 star hotel in Lahore today. Is it really necessary to give so much hype to this news unnecessary when such things are hurting the visitor's privacy and even at times they have complained for it, still our media personnel are not behaving with consciousness.

Just look at the broader picture, just for the sake of knowing the thoughts of Sania Mirza, on how she's feeling coming to Pakistan, start sabotaging the remaining of Pakistan's impression, hospitality and friendly nature people by showing such IDIOTIC display of manners that whenever Sania Mirza's family would return to India, and when other Indians would ask about their tour to Pakistan, they'll definitely say that we feel more safe here (in India) atleast the people here (in India) showed some civilization.

Sorry to say but the blame all goes to our stupid media, which again I should mention that act like those parents who fulfill all wishes of their child before even he got to know its importance. Just tell me what is the purpose of showing such enthusiasm that I personally felt when Sania and Shoaib arrived in Karachi, I saw on TV students came to airport at the school, college and university timings, office going boys at the office timings, was that really necessary to bunk your education and earning source just for the sake "glimpse" of Sania and Shoaib? How was it beneficial by any means?

In short our media should respect one's privacy and follow the international charters for such exclusive contents and should not act like jobless people who interfere in other's matters- so our media (print and electronic both) needs to mature themselves and to mature their audience.

No offense...


  1. Seriously.. I agree with you.
    Just leave them alone. Sania and Shoaib's lives arent meant to be public entertainment. They have a private life too.
    It makes our media seem desperate and disrespectful of others.

  2. Literally our media is acting just like the spoiled child


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