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2014 - end of another year, with no hope for 2015

Today's the end of 2014, a not so good year for Pakistan cricket, though Pakistan started the year with a quick and unpredictable win over Sri Lanka at Sharjah, but apart from that no other prominent performances during the said year, apart from a whitewash over Australia later this, nothing noteworthy during this span. Plus the facilities at NCA Lahore (if it exists), aren't been used, else being a full ICC member should incorporate their B and C teams so that if Ajmal or Hafeez sort of situation if exists, they could use them but I am sorry to say during all these times, I have not seen Pakistani management team incorporating such strategies, and therefore the result is placed here accordingly, telling their own story.
TEST CRICKET Yearly statistics When it comes to test cricket in 2014, first of all compared to other full member teams, Pakistan got the least of white-kit matches, following are the statistics during this tenure. During this time, Pakistan barely…