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World T20 ended for Pakistan

Thank god this mental torture of Pakistan's batting disorder ended in good, at least now we can have some relaxation, thank god Pakistan left for home after playing the second round of the WorldT20 event 2014. Pathetic gonna be small word for elaborating their (Pakistan's) performance in Bangladesh.

My findings on why this catastrophe occurred;


Muhammad Hafeez showed ups and down in his captaincy, the way he led the troops after losing the toss, required great mental toughness, like MSD at times shows. Lack of maturity in Hafeez clearly exposed in Hafeez. The #PAKvWI match if Pakistan lost, could had lost fighting like #AUSvPAK match, I agree pitch was turning (maybe cuz of underprepared pitches, I am sorry my Bangali colleagues), but still the trick was to stay on the pitch. Saqlain Mushtaq only incorporated this tactic that to involve Pakistanis into spin quads so that faster bowlers are not required to be bowled, and that's where Hafeez missed the trick.

That's why I love Misbah for it, cuz he plays the role of anchor in Pakistani team or like MSD and Virat for India.


Pakistan believed that their bowling can win them matches, keeping in mind, cricket is the game of batting bowling and fielding, batters do the scoring and bowlers do the maintaining the pressure, so when you don't score sufficiently than how can you believe you win matches? Agreed earlier they won us the matches, but teams make strategy all the time, they knew that Pakistan are depending on Ajmal heavily.

I HAVE to admit it, Indians played smartly over it, they prepared a team where everyone plays it's part, in some games, JADDU plays, in some Virat, in some etc. Whereas everyone in the cricketing world, can count whom we're relying on. Being a sports-lover, I have to admit this faact.


Pakistan should get rid of چلے ہوئے کارتوس and incorporate fresh blood and never than less, incorporate foreign staff at NCA, and increase the span of NCA across the country so that new talent can be breed and behind every player there should be 2 to 3 players, like we had in 80's and 90's. Like we had in Wills Cup those days when we got talents like Wasim Akram, Moin Khan Aqib Javaid, Inzamam-ul-Haq etc, so now why aren't we applying the same now? Sorry to say but this Faysal Bank series is just cosmetic, nothing fruitful, and induction of such series' is more of commercial than talent hunt. عقل اور ہوش کے ناخن لو عقل کے دشمنوں! 

India is supposed to be arch-rivals but we should also read them why they are successful.


Get rid of Shoaib Malik, Akmal brothers @ once. Umar Akmal may be a great talent but he is playing for Pakistan, that thing should be noted to him for sure instead of treating him like a untouchable star. apply two three backups behind playing subject, so that he HAS to perform to retain his position in the team.

Hope so, others agree with me on it!



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