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2012 for Pakistan cricket...

Pakistan underperformed during this
period, in comparison to 2011,
when Pakistan emerged as a surprise
package These days I've been engaged with my MBA studies which have been on it's conclusion and therefore I am not able to give desired time to my blog. Right now when I am writing this, the year 2012 only remains for 2.25 hours, for me, my city and my country, it wasn't as good as I expected. Thanks to our media, you know about what has been happening in Karachi or Pakistan, but as far as cricket is concerned, read my article on eve of arrival of 2012, compare performances there and after that here.

No such great performances if we compare team(s), since we won more but lose games more or less the same amount, that's why I am not VERY optimistic with the year coming up for Pakistan Cricket, since the latest news is that Bangladesh has confirmed they won't be touring Pakistan.

PAKISTAN - During the year in all formatsTeamMatchesWonLostTiedDrawNRW/LAverag…