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First ODI at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, 30th October 2013

Time is passing me by; last time when I wrote my article with regards to 3-0 score in the Champions Trophy 2013, getting thrashed from the West Indies, the Proteas and the Indians. Indians went on to clinch that trophy and were the champions for the one last time under this label.

After that, Pakistan went on to the Caribbean and took the ODI and the T20 series, than to Zimbabwe, won ODI and T20 series and draw the Test series; the reason of teling you all this is to flashback to and from this Current Protea-Pakistan series, cuz I don't know how they won the first test, but later the thrashing they are getting from the Proteas is what was already on cards and what was according to me supposed to be happening with them from the very first test.

Lets not talk about the Test, cuz honestly cuz of job, I was not able to follow the same properly like I used to, but after watching yesterdays game, Proteas are in full plan to remove the stain of chockers and associate this with Pakistan,…

The day after the thrashing

Today i.e. 16th June 2013, the day when Pakistan is all out from the penultimate edition of the ICC Champions Trophy, a trophy which Pakistan couldn't stage on their closet. But the time when the team was announced for Pakistan, since than whenever someone was asking me about the same including some of my Indian colleagues, I was not optimistic since what I already had heard about England and its weather at the start of their and the European summer, is very windy, cloudy, overcast and chances may that there would
going to be rain intervals for sure, and therefore in our current team there were no players except Misbah himself who could able to play the ball late and could shift gears to back foot.

As far as our bowling was concerned, I was not satisfied in a sense that no doubt pace battery was awesome but on a broader perspective it was a monotone attack because all left handers, except Wahab Riaz none was able to generate late swing or taking advantage of the la…

The Champions Trophy and Pakistan's prospects

Not a chance for Pakistanis to
attain this trophy, sorry to say it's
beyond their reach now with such
fragile lineup At last my very first blog post in 2013, with a new address, since that particular blog was creating some problems for me in maintaining it due to recent Blogger updates, therefore imported my previous blog here, with that one deleted, and after 90 days this blog would become, therefore kindly bear this conversion period for the time being. Thank you
At the time, when I am writing this, 12.54 pm on the dial, preparing for Friday prayers and waiting for my turn to take shower, so instead wasting thought why not post something, since while writing this thing, I read PCB chief Mr. Zaka Ashraf asked the ICC to consider them for CWC 2019 qualifiers matches in 2018 which would decide lower tier teams seedings. I personally feel that if in this elections if PPP didn't get to elect this time round, situation would get better within 5 ye…

2012 for Pakistan cricket...

Pakistan underperformed during this
period, in comparison to 2011,
when Pakistan emerged as a surprise
package These days I've been engaged with my MBA studies which have been on it's conclusion and therefore I am not able to give desired time to my blog. Right now when I am writing this, the year 2012 only remains for 2.25 hours, for me, my city and my country, it wasn't as good as I expected. Thanks to our media, you know about what has been happening in Karachi or Pakistan, but as far as cricket is concerned, read my article on eve of arrival of 2012, compare performances there and after that here.

No such great performances if we compare team(s), since we won more but lose games more or less the same amount, that's why I am not VERY optimistic with the year coming up for Pakistan Cricket, since the latest news is that Bangladesh has confirmed they won't be touring Pakistan.

PAKISTAN - During the year in all formatsTeamMatchesWonLostTiedDrawNRW/LAverag…