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Pakistan and 2011

Pakistan unexpectedly had an awesome 2011

Pakistan's Record in 2011

Test Series' Result
against New Zealand Won 1-0 (2)
against West Indies drawn (2)
against Zimbabwe Won 1-0 (1)
against Sri Lanka Won 1-0 (3)
against Bangladesh Won 2-0 (2)

Overall Test Matches Figures for Pakistan
Team Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO HS LS
Pakistan 10 6 1 0 3 6.00 41.59 2.88 594 160

One Day International Series' Result
against New Zealand Won 3-2 (6)
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Semi Finalist 2
against West Indies Won 3-2 (5)
against Ireland Won 2-0 (2)
against Zimbabwe Won 3-0 (3)
against Sri Lanka Won 4-1 (5)
against Bangladesh Won 3-0 (3)

Overall One Day International Matches Figures for Pakistan
Team Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO HS LS
Pakistan 32 24 7 0 1 3.42 31.56 4.86 317 124

Twenty20 International Series' Result
against West Indies Loss 1-0 (1)
against Zimbabwe Won 2-0 (2)
against Sri Lanka Won 1-0 (1)
against Bangladesh Won 1-0 (1)

Overall Twenty20 International Matches Figures for Pakistan
Team Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO HS LS
Pakistan 5 4 1 0 0 4.00 23.71 7.62 198 -

Aggregate of All Formats International Matches for Pakistan during the Year 2011
Team Mat Won Lost Tied Draw NR W/L Ave RPO  HS LS
Pakistan 47 34 9 0 3 1 3.77 34.29 3.85 594 124

Not being a Pakistani but a cricket fan, I feel these stats speak for itself, as Pakistan is the only team currently who is not having its own home ground and currently playing all of its home games at Neutral Venues, still performing that much is exceptional. This is how 2011 went for Pakistan in all three formats of the game. Although I personally felt that Pakistan should had played against the Indians, although some might say it would had made Pakistan's stats look bad but still we could had witnessed an iconic series between the two sides. How can we forget the 2006 Karachi test, which was a sea-saw kinda test match.

Looking forward to Pakistan India Clashes in 2012, whoever wins we would definitely gonna witness an awesome fight between two arch-rivals...


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