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He too, did it...

Many people will disagree with me but I feel don't blame PCB as they're pathetic but I didn't expect such a childish act from himAs right now when I am writing all this, Pakistan white washed Ireland 2-0, in Belfast yesterday (Monday, 30th May 2011), but again Pakistan Cricket was under spotlight later that night, when I was about to sleep at night when news broke that former Pakistani ODI Skipper Shahid Afridi has retired from International Cricket under condition that he'll return when current cricket board will be dissolved.

Being a Shahid Afridi fan, I said to myself mate you did just right, as whatever was happening with you recently means that such an action was on cards. But later on when I thoroughly went through all this fiasco, I felt that PCB was on fault but Afridi on the other hand was not right in going for an emotional tactic.
Why I am saying so?
Because in an corporate organization (don't wan…

Sick man's old dream... No doubt

Before working properly on this proposal of staging a home-game in Pakistan, should remain realistic of the ground realities.By the time I am writing this, Pakistan have won their first ODI against the Irish. Too bad the game was not telecast on television but still there was not that much hype created for this match as well.

But the real test gonna start for Pakistan in late October when its gonna host Sri Lankans, the current ICC CWC 2011 finalists. It'll be great test for Pakistan on the whole, not only for Pakistani Cricket Team, and (Pathetic performing) Pakistan Cricket Board but also Pakistani Government and Authority, as rumours which prevails in Pakistan that talks have been under going with Lankan authorities for staging Pakistan's home games against Lankans in Pakistan. I personally feel its a sick man's old dream (I am not working on Indian mentality but we should admit reality, the kind of …

Butt, Butt nothing but BUTT

Not optimistic with what being happening in Pakistan  Cricket recent pastRight now when I am writing this, Pakistan-Irish first ODI has been late due to rains and covers are still on. Too bad the games aren't to be telecast so have to rely merely on live-scorecards, that's a major turn-off for cricket-fans as they like to have games telecasted on television. Anyways whatever, Irish might not admit it openly but it's a major platform for them to prove ICC wrong when they've decided to have No-Associates 2015 Cricket World Cup which is supposed to played in Australasia.

Apart from this development, captain again changed, gash!!! Means Mr. Butt has now presided over nine changes in the Test and ODI captaincy during his tenure as chairman, a period of less than three years, what other reasons he might be able to present, other than the Waqar-Afridi objection in team-selection and its matters, what…

Series of Dilemmas

How much further time they'll take to leave Pakistan Cricket?Right now when I am writing this thing, that too after hell of a days because of my mid-terms and finals during the period when Pakistan was playing its Cricket World Cup 2011 quarter-final game in Bangladesh, therefore had to take a break from this thing as after 4 weeks after that quarter-final match and 2 weeks after the final were my finals, anyways we were at change.

Everyone in Pakistan is wobbling of a change, the walls of Karachi are coloured with slogans of change this and that, like we say in Urdu "Inqilab", meaning the same as former, but they (politicians) should take lessons and motivation from our beloved Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, who has been a brand ambassador of change himself in Pakistan's most favourite and loved sport.

Instead of changing the state of domestic utilized cricket grounds, up…