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Quarter half of CWC 2011

By the time I am writing this, Pakistan have won
and made their mark into the semis where they
are expected to meet India or Australia
By the time I'm writing this, Pakistan just managed to storm into the Semis of a 50-over ICC Event since 1999. Many people are praising Pakistan for their effort and no doubt its a great achievement but fielding lapses and not finishing the game early.
Even in the Aussie group game, I felt they gave 20 extra runs in the end, and while reviewing the score-cards, Pakistan lost its 1979 world cup game against the same opposition, they lost the match by one wicket, because they instead of taking care of leaking of runs, they only emphasized on taking wickets to be a hero. I don't wanna mention that particular team or the captain but against their game against the Proteas I second their skipper that when you wear national team's jersey, you play for national team instead of yourself while slogging in the batting power-play span.
Same goes for Pakistan, they had the chance to limited the Windies under triple figure mark, but they leaked some extra runs while everyone wanting to take wicket instead of working n leakage of runs. Against relatively easier team like the West Indies, they managed to win but against the big teams like India/Australia  or South Africa/New Zealand, whoever Pakistan is going to play now in future, will not gave such chance of recovery. Specially when Proteas who're having a great run in this CWC, might able to get rid of their "Chokers" tag.
Lets see what happens in these remaining 3 days of knockout stages. My best wishes with Pakistan but being a sports loving person, I also wish may the best team wins this tournament.

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