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Pakistan and 2011

Pakistan unexpectedly had an awesome 2011 Pakistan's Record in 2011
Test Series'Resultagainst New ZealandWon 1-0 (2)against West Indiesdrawn (2)against ZimbabweWon 1-0 (1)against Sri LankaWon 1-0 (3)against BangladeshWon 2-0 (2)
Overall Test Matches Figures for PakistanTeam Mat WonLost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO HS LS Pakistan10 61 0 3 6.00 41.59 2.88 594 160
One Day International Series'Resultagainst New ZealandWon 3-2 (6)ICC Cricket World Cup 2011Semi Finalist 2against West IndiesWon 3-2 (5)against IrelandWon 2-0 (2)against ZimbabweWon 3-0 (3)against Sri LankaWon 4-1 (5)against BangladeshWon 3-0 (3)
Overall One Day International Matches Figures for PakistanTeam Mat WonLost Tied Draw W/L Ave

Pakistan v England, keeping the media eyes closed and conscious eyes open

This England v Pakistan series is having some surprises for everyoneBy the time I am starting to write my blog 1.50 pm in afternoon Pakistan time on boxing day, where severe battle going on between Aussies and the Indians, where initially Indians dominated the earlier hours by taking six wickets inside a nominal score of 250, but than Haddin was retaliating when I got up and started with my work, now when I checked the scores, Aussies are still on 6 wicket loss for the score of 277, and the Aussie debutant Ed Cowen, like other Aussie Debutants in past, starting to show his colours, after ZAK and Umesh Yadav throttled Aussie lineup and rung danger bells just after the jingle bells. I, being a cricket fan, just wish k May the Best Team wins, because both teams which are on the ground playing for the win.

Another two exciting test teams, although one is on the top of the ranking tables whereas another is on the fifth position, but still Pakistan has the chance to play well an…

What Pakistan lost from whole saga?

I don't want to enhance my circle to international media but on the Pakistani media, there has been some confusion prevailing whether they are guilty or sympathizing with them. Lets be honest, any person who defames the country due to his act should be penalized and penalized hard so that next time no one shouldn't dare to do such acts, I might be using bookish language but it takes decades to create trust unlike destroying it which only takes moments or days to do so.

Same happened with Salman, Asif and Amir, who literally thought that they are above the game and they are the kings so have the privilege to do whatever they want, without knowing how much this cricket loving nation expects from them. Asif, who was already convicted of carrying drugged item with him when he last toured Dubai upon returning from the first edition of DLF IPL 2007 via New Delhi. 19 days in Dubai jail and than upon action from Pakistan government, they allowed him to be deported to Pakis…

Old Horses

Old Stallions did the job for Sialkot, but even though they are the sixth time winner, Rawalpindi Rams do require standing ovation for showing signs of improvements. Even though, Sialkot Stallions won Faysal Bank T20 2011 held at National Stadium, Karachi, but sorry to say, Sialkot do not deserve to be applauded for this achievement, because most of their players have international experience, and like I say, are old-horses and they're of no with the young boys of Rawalpindi Rams. International experience matters alot, no one can't deny that fact, so a team which had 6 players in the final-lineup which was playing against the Rams, who are also part of Pakistan National Cricket side or were part of or were engaged with Australian Big Bash down-under. So was the competition on equality?

Kudos to Rams for showing a continuous and consistent performance from Faisalabad down to Karachi. Rams were the team whose average age in the team was under 30 years in comparis…

ICC, PCB and PTT Recommendations

Not every recommendations but some of them are worth applying, don't know why they're taking time for it!I know it is going to be a boring conversation but is an important aspect is availability of Cricketing Infrastructure spanned into different parts of the country instead of 3 4 test centers where all around the year, cricket is played. When International Cricket used to organize in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, were a must for visiting teams to play there, ignoring smaller test centers, like Sheikhupura, Multan (although their newly built stadium is quite big), Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad Sindh, Mirpurkhas, Sialkot, etc investing in infrastructures in these cities is beneficiary for Pakistan Cricket, as most of the team which plays for Pakistan, hails from these divisions and smaller remote areas, so it's time for investing in infrastructures instead of wasting money on ICC meetings, where things are preplanned and such meeting are jus…

Blunders... Nothing more than blunders

Kapil Dev Batting and fielding averages Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 6s Ct St Tests 131 184 15 5248 16331.05