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Box-In day for both teams

A box-in day for both teams, going to be started
at 0600 Pakistan Time
A box-in day for both teams obviously, as its my personal opinion that both teams aren't in a good nick to go for the Cricket World Cup which is just round the corner, and here there's a team in great controversies Spot Fixing is to name some and because of it several of its players are under suspension, which I personally think is a great setback to Pakistani team. And if we goto the Black Caps camp, they're also having a similar sort of situation as couple of days ago was their chief coach sacked thanks to a winless tour to Bangladesh and India where they had to face a white wash and like Pakistan in their last tour to Australia 2009-10, they had a winless tour to subcontinent.

So in my opinion, both teams are Even Stevens, with home team have a clear advantage that Pakistan lost their last 2 T20s i.e. 2 against England and later against South Africa where they were clean sweeped by the opposition, secondly when both teams met in the West Indies for T20 event, Kiwis were the winners in a nail biting match beating Pakistan by 1 run only, thirdly which I forgot to mention that they're facing Pakistan for the first time in their own backyard for a T20 clash, so Kiwis would be in a chance to set their scores even with Pakistan because record basis Pakistan have the clear edge over the host by the margin of 4-1, so winning this series would mean Kiwis could bridge the gap easily, plus I feel that they've a great chance as they're having THIS T20 match against Pakistan in their own backyard where they'll surely have a clear advantage, already Pakistan lost the only tour match before the T20I match on the box-in day, and as I was saying both teams are in a spot-of-bother as here Pakistan is without their pace battery with Sohail Tanvir made to sit out plus already lacking batting firepower with expense of specially Senior Akmal. Already Pakistan's moral would be down and out because they recently had two clean sweeps under their belt.

Kiwis also had blows like replacement of coach and coaching staff and secondly they'd be playing with a make-shift captain when their original skipper is on rest, along with him is Nathan McCullum, who is this format's favourite batsman as he's the highest run scorer in this format plus highest sixes scorer as well, so muting Vettori and McCullum is a great blow for them as well as one is format's 4th best bowler and other premier batsman in this format. Ross Taylor would by-now be skippering the side, as its still not confirmed who'll the leading their ODI side after the conclusion of the Test Series.

Hope for the best.

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