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What they doing?

One and the half years later, still the world do not know the consequences behind Lahore attacks which let the cricket being away from Pakistan! Hangup tactics have been followed by the PCB when it comes to the Lahore attacks on 3/3/2009 because of which international cricket from Pakistan has been a mere dream for a Pakistani spectator, but the way these people in power are doing their best to hide that report is even making me suspicious being a Pakistan, so can't think for a best when it comes to India, Sri Lanka and the western countries!

Their such tactics literally making anyone to think that they are hanging up the reports just because it'll expose their mismanagement and capability. That's why when ICC asked for the report for Lahore attacks, Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, who said that claims that the report had not been sent were "absolutely incorrect".

"We have resolved that. Everything has been sorted out and there is no problem on that account at all…

A new triumph!

4 days from tonight will be start of a new and tough series between a tough and vigilant English team against a mercurial Pakistani team, who just broke the vacuum of 15 years against Aussies in tests! Couple of hours ago when I am writing this, team for England which would feature against Pakistan in tests starting from 29th of this month, was announced:

England squad Andrew Strauss (capt), James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Paul Collingwood, Alastair Cook, Steven Finn, Eoin Morgan, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior (wk), Ajmal Shahzad, Graeme Swann, Jonathan Trott

On paper it seems a very tough team and if news from Pakistani dressing room is believed to be true, than No Younus and No Yousuf for England Tour as well. I know and I admit that these youngsters at 3 and 4 showed courage but still its like devastating their career, as one bad performance would shatter their confidence resulting in inconsistency! These guys need to be groomed under the shadows of Younus at least as he's already in …

Something positive from England!

Pakistan might call this tour as a successful one, but England tour is just round the corner with know THAT won't be our home-series!Pakistan's chasing traumasSydney 2010 - An Australian collapse for 127 in the first innings had left Pakistan with a target of 176 in the fourth innings - their best opportunity to end a winless run against Australia since Sydney 1995. The openers added a brisk 34 but wickets fell in clusters thereafter and Pakistan were shot out for 139.
Dunedin 2009 - Umar Akmal's debut Test. After making a hundred in the first innings, Akmal was once again the lynchpin, scoring 75, as Pakistan attempted to chase 251. They had a fair chance at 95 for 3 and 161 for 4, but lost their last six wickets for 57.
Galle 2009 - Pakistan were 36 for 0 and then 71 for 2, only 97 runs away from victory. Then followed a collapse to rival all other collapses during which eight wickets fell for only 46 runs. Salman Butt was the only one t…

Too much for Aussies!

Big trouble for Aussies, but Sydney happened just 6 months ago... If statistically speaking, this has been Aussies second worst performance against Pakistan in tests. Some of the more lows regarding this match is as follows!

This has been Australia's second lowest score against Pakistanis
In 1956 when Australia were bowled out for 80 runs @ Karachi which Pakistan able to win by 9 wickets!
During that 1956 Karachi test, Ian Johnson had won the toss and put themselves into bat.
With respect to number of overs played, this has been the 4th worst first inning total
Prominent scorer in yesterday's first test against Pakistan, Tim Paine 17 is the fourth-lowest top-score for Australia in a Test innings in which all 11 batsmen have batted. This, then, makes it Australia's lowest top score in the last 110 years. The three previous ones were all against England: 10 in Sydney in 1888, 15 at The Oval in 1886, and 16 again at The Oval in 1896.
As far as Pakistan's concern, this is their …


Can we expect that he'll be leaving soon Pakistan would be the only cricketing nation who knows the art of being in the news all the time for unnecessary reasons! Now see this old man who should start spending time at the mosque, and he should more concentrate on taking care of his grandsons and daughters, instead of TAKING GREAT CARE OF PAKISTANI CRICKET!

Already standing committee on affairs of sporting activities not happy with their performance, as in Pakistan he's nicked name as Mr. U-turner, and unlike expected off him that being a seasoned campaigner of Lahore City Cricket Association aka LCCA, he was expected to present and implement in plans for the improvement of cricket in Pakistan, and that too on the honorary basis, but this old man has been a liability more than anything, literally spending too much on foreign trips, 150 US$ per day expenditure of his on daily basis, on the places where he isn't needed!

That's where we can see why Naseem Ashraf was better …

Huge loss indeed

Mohammad Yousuf has been a prolific run scorer in Pakistani middle order averaging more than 60 in last five and the half years time
After seeing what this cricket board has done with the formidable heavy weight middle order of Pakistan cricket team, I think we don't need foes to destroy us as these three middle-order positions for Pakistan have been among the world's best, and even more successful than the more acclaimed middle orders of Australia and India, They average 51.85, which is next only to Sri Lanka's 55.15, and their tally of 31 centuries in 40 Tests means that, on average, there is one centurion among Pakistan's Nos. 3, 4 and 5 in three out of four Tests!

Team-wise middle-order stats (Nos. 3-5) in Tests since 2005TeamNo. of playersTestsRunsAverage100s/ 50sSri Lanka134511,58255.1536/ 44Pakistan174010,57951.8531/ 45Australia146014,11251.5044/ 64South Africa135912,70347.2241/ 54India145511,79745.7233/ 60England167014,75442.8841/ 61West Indies225010,21641.0229/ …

Are you nuts!!!

Lawson wants Shoaib Malik to be the test skipper! Mr. Politician as he (Shoaib Malik) is known in Pakistan, was once again recommended by the former coach, Geoffrey Frances Lawson for the test team which is playing in England against Aussies and later against England, and with due respect our former coach wants Malik to head Pakistan in remaining 5 test matches being played in England! Is he nuts? How can he be obvious choice when his own position in the current team isn't confirm! The last full series we played under him was against India in India in 2007 and how pathetic we played there, stats and reports clearly show, giving Indians a chance to have added advantage on Pakistan in recent years!

The way he created all those plots, only on having doubts on some of the players he was against and the kinda game he played than especially after the champions trophy 2009 in South Africa, the ODI and T20 series pla…

Something positive atlast

ICC Wants cricket to be revived in Pakistan Even ICC wants it but these stupid bum heads fail to do so. Earlier just before ICC World T20 2010 Afghanistan team came to Pakistan for practice, they could have easily used that opportunity for staging a short series against them. It could have shown positivity. Earlier than Bangladesh team also came for a short visit to Pakistan, they could have cashed in that opportunity too. But like the way our political government working VERY VERY hard to make rental power projects and war against the terror as our needs, its just ridiculous to think their own nominated personnel would do anything different!

I'd praise the ICC and Craig Chappel for putting out this idea but sorry to say as these stupid bum heads are more happy making money in off-shore home staged games and no plans for staging international games in Pakistan or even enhancing the stage of International Cricket Grounds in …

Politics politics...

Don't treat Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan as your home born thing! Am I looking stupid enough to understand things without facts and figures? These fatigued Pakistan Cricket Board thinks so! It doesn't matter for these PCB guys either Pakistan looses a test match or win, all they counter is how much money they're generating from the off-shore home series in England. Literally! at the time when Pakistan was chasing a mammoth 440 runs target with 8 wickets already down, Chief Executive of Pakistan Cricket Board, Wasim Bari was exclaiming the amount of profits they're going to get from hosting a test series in England! What a rubbish! Was that the right time to show your excitement?

Secondly! on criticism on selection procedure, the selection committee head Mr. Mohsin Khan, whom I had great respect till he applied for this job, again yesterday fumed at the media personnel when asked about the biased attitude in selection of players! Literally he used such terms that he was …

Heavy work to be done!

Will test cricket in Pakistan survive? After a pathetic performance in the first innings of the test match with the bat by Pakistanis, they're starting to show some form in the second innings while chasing a mammoth 440 to win in two days time, with already 114-1 with Salman Butt playing on 58 and Azhar Ali the debutant playing on 28.

I am as my previous articles state that not very optimistic regarding a positive result in favour of Pakistan but still they should capitalize it by learning how to stay on the wicket! Every team in current test playing lot knows how to minus Pakistan. Sorry to say but no test century has been scored by any Pakistani since Imran Farhat's 117* v New Zealand @ Napier on 11 Dec 2009. Do our players know how to stay on the wicket? Do they know the importance of staying on the wicket with limiting your shot play important in test matches? I don't think else if they had, (the management, board and the cricketers), we may not have loose the Galle test…

Too little too much...

Shane Watson took his first test Fiver Like I said, I wasn't over-expecting from their current performance with the Duke ball, but now when they started to bat, Aussies showed why they're a tough side to beat. Even defending a par score of 250 odd runs, they managed to bowl Pakistan out inside the deficit with starting the second inning on high by getting an overall lead of 105, for that too we should thank Salman Butt for his inning because of which we were able to reduce the deficit closer to 100 run mark.

Else I don't watch live test matches much but whatever I saw 127 for 7 wickets, I switched off the TV (prior to the reason that an annoying PEPCO auntie will appear on the screen telling me to switch off extra lights and use A/C on 26 degrees.. dumb-ass)

Returning to Cricket, now when I am writing this thing, the second day play has been finished which clearly belonged to the Aussies as they were able to finish Pakistan's batting in a day and than again were batting w…

Well played but...

First day of the Lords test clearly belonged to Pakistan It was a worth test match to watch, with two Muhammad's strike early and let the ball to to talk in windy, cloudy and seamy conditions just like we've here in Karachi these days, although not as cold but still, but Pakistanis pacers maneuvered the balls wherever and whenever they wanted, although fight from Clarke, Punter and Katich were seen but on the whole, it was more Pakistani bowlers on the Lords Cricket Ground than the Aussies Batsman.

Just before the first days tea, although Aussies had scored 170 odd runs but Pakistani bowlers chipped in with the wickets at regular intervals, and now the second day would be started by Mike Hussey and Australia's last batsman Doug Bollinger, who was responsible for a match saving and later match winning inning with Mike Hussey at Sydney during the new year's test match.

Now when Pakistani bowlers have fired, its time for Pakistani batsman to take the first inning leads and t…

Severe battle awaiting!

Expecting a good days cricket at the Lords Cricket Ground! Before the start of the test series between Pakistan and Australia starting tomorrow at the Home of Cricket, keep note of these facts!

# Pakistan have not beaten Australia in a Test since November 1995

# This is the first neutral Test in England since 1912

# Ricky Ponting's record at Lord's is poor - he has 109 runs at 18.16 with a highest score of 42. It is his worst average at any venue where he has played at least three Tests.

Things not looking hopeful for Pakistan as now Aussies have their major skipper back in the business and so on some mystery in inclusion of Steven Smith which gives them an option of having added batsman in lower middle order, who can chip in some runs as well, and as the facts clearly mentions, Pakistan didn't won against the Aussies since November 1995 SCG test!

As I am not a superstitious person I don't think the last fact do give us an advantage as a team as Punter is a world class playe…

Part 1 of the triumph completed

Pakistan comprehensively beating Australia 2-0 in the T20 clash Yesterday was the end of part1 of the home series including 2 t20 and 2 test matches which are being played in England but hosts are the men in greens. The two T20s which were played, Pakistan was manage to beat Aussies comprehensively, settling the scores from St. Lucia hammering when Mike Hussey played an unbelievable inning to take the match away from Pakistan. This time the story was different as many injured players were returned from their injuries, worth mentioning name was Umar Gul's inclusion, and he proved worthy of his inclusion when he took the all important wicket of Mike Hussey in the depth over.

This was one dept I personally feel we should look for, as without Umar Gul we're unable to finish our games, and so have we planned anything for life after this great fast bowler? I know many people might say there's raw talent scattered across Pakistan, but have we started to polish them, is so? NADA


Who'll be the next?

Who'll be the next Vice-president from the Australasia? Aussies have been damn angry on this rejection, which I already had mentioned here, but still they insisted with him, again I am rewriting this that a candidate of his stature should had withdrawn himself instead of being humiliated by the rejection, I had already wrote that thing way back on 28th May, 2010 when this whole saga had started to boil-up.

Now, when its all messed up, it'd be alot better to clearup that mess and to search for a new candidate from Australasia because it's their turn for selection of Vice-President. On the other hand, some voices have been raised too on the rejection of Mr. Howard with pleasure, I just want to ask them a question that if we (the Asians) would start doing this thing, than next time when it'll be our turn, they (the Whites) would repay us with the same by showing THEIR displeasure, so instead of taking decisions on emotional grounds, it'd be alot better to take decisions…

No Pakistan... =O

ICC announced its plans till 2015- with sans Pakistan organizing its home game at "home" Yesterday [1st July 2010] at ICC's board meeting in Singapore, many decisions were made including ICC's Future Tour program, but Malcolm Speed's exaggeration over shadowed all matters, which included appointment of new ICC President Mr. Sharad Powar from India and most importantly ICC's future tour program till 2015.

Disappointing for Pakistani point of view that no Pakistani home staged matches is in between of this span, and the most significant aspect of this future tour program was that there would be ICC organized tournaments every year, like this year it was ICC world T20, Next year it would be ICC Cricket World Cup 2010 which would be staged in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh minus Pakistan, as Pakistan will enter into this tournament as a visitor team as current Pakistani Cricket Board Admin withdraw its rights to be the 4th partner of the organizing committee, and…

A joker indeed

A joker indeed A joker indeed, I should not agree with complete comments he passed about Pakistan and Bangladesh but now the bells have rung for Mr. Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board as outsiders have also started to call him a joker.

The main points of Speed's comment on reaction to disapproval of former Aussie Prime Minister Mr. John Howard, that under the rotation policy, the next Vice President Nominee would be from Pakistan and Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand shouldn't be voting in favour of it than. His comments came at a time when 6 out of 7 full members of ICC showed their displeasure in nomination of Mr. Howard, including Pakistan and India minus Zimbabwe.

He also mentioned that Mr. Sharad Powar lacks cricketing knowledge and might be working part time in the ICC as he already have a full time government job in India. He also claimed the countries who rejected Mr. Howard rejected him on political grounds and let a good administrator who could run the affairs of I…

Unnecassary and unfair tactics

Pakistan will miss the services of many during this English tour The biggest point of contention was the exclusion of former captain Younis Khan, despite his appeal against the ban imposed by the PCB upheld. Ijaz Butt, chairman of the board, said later that Younis' return would require clearance from the board, something that wasn't deemed to be an issue with Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi and the Akmal brothers, who were all pardoned and included. Faisal Iqbal, Misbah-ul-Haq and Mohammad Sami were the other notable absentees from the 17-member squad.

That's what I am asking! why only Younis need clearance when Afridi, Akmal brothers and Shoaib Malik had their bans overturned? It's literally unfair gasping such tactics and singly pointing out a single player and rest of them who were accompanying him with the bans, were lucky enough to had their bans overturned!

Now what punishment is PCB going to give to former captain, whom I personally think was the best captain after Im…