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Pakistan's RBS T20D tournament!

In my personal opinion, this years RBS T20D tournament had an improvement compared to last year, there are couple of reasons behind it
1. The schedule was announced days before the tournament, so that the build-up for the tournament was good.
2. The arrangements compared to last year were better.
3. The crowd at NSK was exceptional as this was a T20D tournament, but still the stadium unlike expected were full and sections of stadium were crowded and it looked as if it were a carnival.
4. Even though it was a T20D tournament still, television ratings for the tournament was quite high compared to last years.

and the same reason that players knew they were being watched on the TV, they put on their best performances, apart from these performances, the tournament was into hell of a controversies, like ball tempering, umpiring mishaps and favouring a particular team. But we also got to see some of the mind-blowing innings in the tournament, like Muhammad Hafeez's 53-ball 100 sinking Lahore Lions in the semi-finals at the National Stadium, or Faisalabad Wolves eased to a seven-wicket win over Islamabad Leopards qualifying for the semi-finals thanks to brutal bowling by Saeed Ajmal who bagged 4 wickets or Khalid Latif's hurricane unbeaten 75 helped Karachi Dolphins crush Lahore Eagles at the National Stadium and ease into the semi-finals where Khalid Latif slammed 13 fours and two sixes in his innings to drive Karachi at more than 12 an over. These were some of the highlights from this years leg of RBS T20D tournament.

So on the whole I believe this was a much better tournament where there were crowd involvement too in the tournament, and this days play used to end late midnight but still crowds were seen in the backdrop during the post match presentation which usually took place after 12.30 am. So we can say that the environment for such tournaments are starting to get its roots in the stranded stadiums of Pakistan.

I personally was favouring Karachi Dolphins (keeping in mind there were two teams of Karachi and Lahore) as it was a best combination and plus it was more start studded than Karachi Zebras. Anyways Karachi Dolphins lost the semi final yesterday against the Stallions of Sialkot just by a mere margin, and right now when I am writing this blog, the final between the Stallions and Wolves are still undergoing with Wolves completed their quota of 20 overs with 109-9 on the board and which is making me feel, Stallions will again lift the trophy this time.



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