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What Pakistan lost from whole saga?

I don't want to enhance my circle to international media but on the Pakistani media, there has been some confusion prevailing whether they are guilty or sympathizing with them. Lets be honest, any person who defames the country due to his act should be penalized and penalized hard so that next time no one shouldn't dare to do such acts, I might be using bookish language but it takes decades to create trust unlike destroying it which only takes moments or days to do so.

Same happened with Salman, Asif and Amir, who literally thought that they are above the game and they are the kings so have the privilege to do whatever they want, without knowing how much this cricket loving nation expects from them. Asif, who was already convicted of carrying drugged item with him when he last toured Dubai upon returning from the first edition of DLF IPL 2007 via New Delhi. 19 days in Dubai jail and than upon action from Pakistan government, they allowed him to be deported to Pakis…