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What I think of pros and cons off this current ICC Conference for Pakistan Cricket

These couple of days have been very interactive for the cricketing world, specially when it comes to decision makings and rules regulations for the future of the game, as if how the game is to be played from now on.

I agree with many but disagree with some as:
Things I agree with:
  • No-Government influence in Cricket Governing Body in a Country
  • Elections in the Country's Cricket Board chairman and other members instead of being selected from the higher authorities of their Governments
  • Runners' rule
  • Test Championships etc
But things I disagree with:
Following are some of the points I greatly disagree with. Some of them even looks like minute points but they are capable of hampering the game itself. Although I must admit not everyone would agree with me on these points specially like you're reading point like Hawke-Eye, which majority wants to remove it from International Cricket but I think another way.

Hawke-Eye removal
There can be modification into Hawke-Eye like instead of predicting the 2.5 rule (in simple, the distance it's gonna cover after passing the batter) it should be removed as there're some confusion with it but it could had been used for only predicting the overall path of the ball since it pitched and hit the batter so that one can understand what's going on because I feel human-eye is a much better tool than this Hawk-eye and Virtual Technologies, because with assistance from technology, human-eye can best predict, which way the ball's gonna move so it's useless that such technology has been wiped-off from cricket. I'm not putting my weight on this technology but somewhat its helpful for umpires whether they're upstairs or on field. I'm in favour of retaining these powers with umpires as they are the best to adjudge such decision. Although I am not a great fan of its prediction, look at this for reference. Plus what I feel that Hawk-Eye may struggle with predicting the curved trajectory of a cricket ball after bouncing: the time between a ball bouncing and striking the batsman may be too short to generate the three frames (at least) needed to plot a curve accurately.

Matches distributions
Matches' distribution among the member countries have been unequal, where India, England and Australia have been the major beneficiaries from current FTP which is for the period between 2011 to 2020 season. I already wrote about unequal distribution, but forgot to mention that how other teams are going to progress when they're going to play less matches compared to India, Australia and England, how can a team progress up to ICC Test and ODI rankings when it is to play mere 88, 89 matches when the formers are going to play 120 matches a piece during the same period. I am not saying this being a Pakistani but overall, when it comes to teams like South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand as well, they also got double figured matches.

Window for Domestic Tournaments
This is the major concern for me, as business is a funny thing which requires competition among the masses, here India was able to create window for two of its multimillion tournaments in this current edition of FTP, if that's the case than SLPL is just round the corner, plus many countries are planning to stage their own edition of Premier Leagues', plus many countries are already having their own T20 domestic tournaments like England and Australia and most probably West Indies too and therefore we can expect from them that they can also press ICC to give window for their domestic tournaments, and therefore by giving space to such tournaments, ICC itself have self-detonated.

Test and ODI Cricket Ratings 
They didn't discussed it like the way it should had been but it is a major concern as there are some comical errors in the rating system, as what I feel in-order to create a sense of performance variable points system, they forgot that there could be instances like a number two team in the test ranking, playing a number seven ranked team, at latter's home-ground, if former wins series 2-1 or even 1-0, it'll not affect its ranking, but if the second team wins even a single test game against the number two sided team, it's ranking will improve vice versa and similarly that number two team will have some decline to its ratings. Similar was the case with Pakistan, when before ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, it toured New Zealand, it won the test and ODI series but still its ratings weren't moved, although those games which Pakistan lost in ODI's that time were close games and Pakistan didn't lost those games with the margin less 50 runs. Unlike FIFA having its ratings in which they calculate how much a team scored goals and how much goals were scored against them and who were the opposition they were playing with, they also applied variances but it is working unlike this ICC Ranking System, where I can't understand and what in the world made them to apply performance variable calculus for robots when the players playing on cricket grounds are human beings.

Last but not the least, The Associates
Initially before this meeting, the Associates were scrapped off from 2015 ICC Cricket World
Cup which is awarded to Australia and New Zealand, and this tournament was initially limited to 10 top full member teams, but in this meeting it was decided that this tournament would be a 14 teams with four teams being from the associates, which have to play the qualifiers. Associates have taken it as their win as now they are able to play against the big guns and polish themselves.

What About Pakistan Cricket Board?
I think these were the major points which could create a difference in future for the games, but still for Pakistan Cricket Board I'd say they should work for the recommendations laid down by ICC Pakistan Task Team a.k.a. ICC PTT, they should work for the implementations of those recommendations, instead of making lame excuses like they've been right now. Satisfying the ICC ain't an achievement, instead clearing up their own collars and their own house if what is really mattered. I don't wanna say anything more which might make me end-up being blocked from blogosphere, but what's my philosophy that you should point fingers on others but not before clearing up yourself and well-prepared. That's where I'm finding this cricket-board being foolishly runned, is this a way a corporate organization is run? I don't think so.

What I say, and WHY?
What my experience working in the corporate, they ask for work and results, and in case of
presentation or slides of achievements, you're advised to be fully prepared, confident, bold and fluent, and you should work on yourself that much that people around you should act according to you, instead of they dictating the terms on you. This current Cricket Board is working vice-versa, they're not confident, agile and most importantly without any homework at all, so how can they say that they posses achievements of some sorts? Pathetic is a hard term but its still not enough for them, as they are more than they are seen above the ground.

In short, I can only say that Pakistan should work on the next FTP from today so that such mishaps which happened this time ain't gonna happen again, plus ICC should also pave way from all member countries to have almost equal number of games during the FTP period, there can be a difference of ± 5-10 games but difference like one can see in this current FTP where one team is playing 120 odd games while other team is playing 80 odd during the same period, they wobble that they're taking all possible steps to promote the game of cricket, than how and what in the world is making the over-looking such basic things. I am not saying this being a Pakistani but being a sports lover that when ICC is saying clear up the mess from your house, than they should first apply the same with them and clear up those drama-queens which are in ICC, responsible for such a mess. They say spot and match fixing is a big mess in cricket, I say they should first remove betting from cricket as I feel this is not the main instead the root cause and mother of all problems and a bone-of-contention.

No offence... Cheers!

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