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What Pakistan lost from whole saga?

I don't want to enhance my circle to international media but on the Pakistani media, there has been some confusion prevailing whether they are guilty or sympathizing with them. Lets be honest, any person who defames the country due to his act should be penalized and penalized hard so that next time no one shouldn't dare to do such acts, I might be using bookish language but it takes decades to create trust unlike destroying it which only takes moments or days to do so.

Same happened with Salman, Asif and Amir, who literally thought that they are above the game and they are the kings so have the privilege to do whatever they want, without knowing how much this cricket loving nation expects from them. Asif, who was already convicted of carrying drugged item with him when he last toured Dubai upon returning from the first edition of DLF IPL 2007 via New Delhi. 19 days in Dubai jail and than upon action from Pakistan government, they allowed him to be deported to Pakistan on single condition that he'll never ever allowed to come to Dubai in whatsoever conditions.

I feel pity for Mohammad Amir, who had such a shining career right from the word go, and he self detonated himself by involving into such crap. Although the kinda family background he comes from, benefit of doubt must be given to him because he never knew how sports politics goes on, but still he should had gone to listen to his internal instincts, because I am damn sure there are black sheeps everywhere, but I only and ONLY differ from the court's decision which only penalized that bastard Majeed, whom his brother called him as a religious person, complete bullshit, because if he was a religious person, he shouldn't had involved into this crap.

What about management?

Why management of the Touring Pakistani Cricket Team spared? On what grounds? How Majeed was able to intrude into players' hotel suites during the curfew duration? I must admit and confess, Pakistani players in comparison are very outgoing and forget their limits in such circumstances, but management who are supposed to be competent enough to handle them, misfired, like the person who has gaseous explosion going on in his stomach ;), the fault lies with them, they were first to be trialed in the courts of the UK instead of the players who played the part of exploiting their mismanagement...

Secondly, at the time when such crises raises its head, internal team management are preferred to take ample action, void of it, than the governing body takes action, if touring management in such circumstances take right action on the right time, than ICC won't bother to punish and penalize them as penalizing the one accused twice on the same is null&void according to the global laws.

So I personally think, there are some missing parts still being blacked to us, which we should find out so that the mist from the case clears.

What Pakistan cost from this trial of its players?

Dignity and Integrity, I personally think Pakistan lost from the trial of its players. The name which Pakistanis created globally with their cricketing skills got muddy, the records, landmarks Pakistanis created across the globe, now all in vein, because of these stupid bums.

1. Highest win/loss ratio in Home Tests

Pakistan’s home venues have become no-go zone for international teams due to security reasons but surprisingly Pakistan has the best home record in Test Cricket. Pakistan’s Win/Loss Ratio of 2.54 is the best among all nations. Pakistan has played 151 Tests at home; 56 won, 22 lost and 73 drawn, that gives ratio of 2.54 to Pakistan. Australia with 2.26 is second whereas Sri Lanka with 1.86 is third.

2. Most “Sixes” in ODIs and International Cricket

“367” is the number of Sixes Shahid Afridi has hit in international cricket (including Tests, ODIs and T20 Int.), the most number of sixes by any batsman in International Cricket. In ODIs alone, he has hit 289 Sixes which is another world record.

3. Most runs by batsman in a calendar year of Test Cricket

In 2006, Mohammad Yousuf scored 1788 runs in 11 Tests at average of 99.33. He broke the previous record of 1710 runs in 11 Tests by Viv Richards. Yousuf’s innings were against India, Sri Lanka, England and West Indies. He was in sublime form throughout the year even on hostile batting wickets of England, he scored in bulk; 631 runs in 4 Tests including a double-century and 2 centuries. During course of 1788, Yousuf also scored 665 runs in a 3 Test series against West Indies –most runs by Pakistan batsman in 3 Test series – and he hit 5 centuries in consecutive matches.

4. Nine centuries in a calendar year of Test Cricket

2006 didn’t end for Yousuf by giving him most runs in a year but it also ended up giving him 9 centuries; another world record. At end of the year, in series against West Indies, Yousuf hit 4 centuries in 3 Matches which made his tally to 9 centuries in a year. Arvinda de Silva, Ricky Ponting, Viv Richards and Sachin Tendulkar have hit 7 centuries in a calendar year.

5. Most five-wicket hauls in ODI Cricket

Waqar Younis has taken 13 five-wicket hauls in 262 ODIs; a record of most-wicket hauls by any bowler in ODIs, not only this, he also has record for taking most 4+ wickets in ODIs; 27 times he has taken 4+ wickets in ODI Cricket.

6. Fastest to reach 100, 150, 200 and 250 ODI wickets

All the tallies belong to one man. Perhaps the best spinner ODI Cricket has ever seen. Saqlain Mushtaq, the off-spinner of Pakistan, has record for being the fastest to reach 100, 150, 200 and 250 ODI wickets. He also has two hat-tricks in ODIs; joint record with Wasim Akram, Chaminda Vass and Lasith Malinga.

7. Seven players of batting line-up’s top-order scoring 50+ in a Test innings

In Pakistan’s famous Test victory against India in Karachi 2006, seven Pakistan batsman scored 50+ runs in second innings. In first innings Pakistan were bowled out on 245 but in second innings Pakistan scored 599-7 (declared) with all 7 batsmen who were out scoring 50+ runs. Salmam Butt (53), Imran Farhat (57), Younis Khan (77), Mohammad Yousuf (97), Faisal Iqbal (139), Shahid Afridi (60) and Abdul Razzaq (90) were part of this record.

8. Nine consecutive fifties in ODI Cricket

Between March and October of 1987, Javed Miandad scored 9 fifties in consecutive ODIs. Javed’s innings were 78 , 78*, 74*, 60, 52*, 113, 71*, 68 and 103. He is the only batsman to go that far as second best is 6 consecutive fifties by Gordon Greenidge.

9. Best bowling figures in Twenty20 Internationals

Umar Gul’s 5-wicket haul against New  Zealand in ICC World T20 2009 stands as finest spell bowled in Twenty20 Internationals. He took 5 wickets for 6 runs in his 3 overs, these are best figures by a bowler in Twenty20 Internationals.

10. Best bowling figures in Twenty20 Cricket

In first edition of Indian Premier League in 2008, Pakistan left-arm fast bowler Sohail Tanvir took 6 wickets for 14 runs in a match against Chennai Super Kings while playing for Rajhastan Royals. To date, 4-0-14-6 remains the best bowling figure by any bowler in Twenty20 Cricket.

11. Youngest player to score double-century in Test Cricket

At age of 19 years 140 days, Javed Miandad became the youngest batsman to score a double-century in Test Cricket. In October 1976, Miandad scored 206 runs against New Zealand in Karachi.

12. Only triple-century in second innings of the team

There have been many triple-centuries scored in Test Cricket but, to date, Hanif Mohammad’s 337 against West Indies in Bridgetown 1958 remains the only incident of a batsman scoring triple-century in second innings of the team. In his marathon innings, Hanif Mohammad batted for 970 minutes which is another World Record of longest Test innings played with-respect-to Minutes.
In same match, Pakistan were bowled out on 106 in first innings. In follow-on innings, Pakistan scored 657-8 (declared). The difference of 551 between two innings is the largest difference between a team’s first and second innings; a world record itself.

13. Longest innings of the cricket history

Few major innings since the war have provoked such contradictory critical appraisal as that played by Pakistan's captain in the Lord's Test of 1967. It began at 4.40 p.m. on Friday, July 27, and ended only when he ran out of partners at 3.24 p.m. the following Monday scoring 187 not out.
Press comment along the way embraced the full spectrum of colourful opinion: from the outraged puce of those writers who regard themselves as the guardians of sporting entertainment to the purplest prose that could be mustered by others who acclaimed it one of the batting masterpieces of their time.

14. Maintaining average of 50 throughout batting career

Javed Miandad, along with Herbert Sutcliffe, is the only batsman in Test Cricket whose batting average never fell below 50. Miandad ended his career with batting average of 52.57, scoring 8832 runs in 124 Tests.

15. Five batsmen scoring centuries in a Test Innings

In August 2003 at National Stadium Karachi against Bangladesh, Five batsmen of Pakistan’s batting line-up scored centuries, making it only second instant; first Australia’s five batsmen scored centuries in an innings. Saeed Anwar (101), Tafueer Umar (104), Inzamam-ul-Haq (105), Mohammad Yousuf (102*) and Abdul Razzak (110*) were part of this record.


because of them, the world has got chance to point fingers on our credibility, and past performances, and they have the right to do so because we gave them such chances. We in Pakistan don't feel but I am thinking about the overseas Pakistan scattered globally, how much they'd be humiliated because of their home country cricketers disgraced the Flag and the Nation because of their selfish acts. اللہ ان کو عقل اور ہوش کے ناخن سونگھوائے آمین


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