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2010 for Green Shirts

More grays than greens for Pakistan this yearBy the time I am writing this only some mere 7 hours remaining before the clocks in Pakistan will struck 12 for announcement of a new year 2011. Although whatever I've seen during the past 12 months which were not good for Pakistan and Pakistan used to be in the news for bad names, and because of that, the integrity of Pakistan, Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan Nation got at shock, I say don't blame others for your own mishap, others will laugh at you at your blunders, try to keep your house clean and that point fingers on others. Similarly was the case in Pakistan, as there wasn't home games for Pakistan at home, so such dirty games were played in GSL that it will require atleast 10 years to heal it. It all started from the very first month of 2010, when Pakistan lost an already won Sydney Test against the Home Team because of their unusual fielding lapses, the main contributor, as already known the chronic…

Just before the new years...

Jonathan Trott made the situation easy for England
to win their first Ashes in Australia in a long timeThis boxing day has been quite a busy one for cricket fans. 4 of 6 of top cricket giants are currently engaged with each others, with England taking on Australia to defend their Ashes glory which they got during the last year's triumph at their own backyard, plus they want to prove the world that they aren't only the lions at their home but away too, especially in Australia where their track-record ain't upto that standard, so they've to settle many scores on their 2010-11 Ashes tour to down-under. Already the current Ashes series 2010-11 has been a topsy-turvy series when the pendulum shifted or should I say fluctuated quickly into one's favour. It started at Gabba, Brisbane, with Siddle's hat-trick and still England managed to save the game, and in the Second Test played at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, England w…

Box-In day for both teams

A box-in day for both teams, going to be started
at 0600 Pakistan TimeA box-in day for both teams obviously, as its my personal opinion that both teams aren't in a good nick to go for the Cricket World Cup which is just round the corner, and here there's a team in great controversies Spot Fixing is to name some and because of it several of its players are under suspension, which I personally think is a great setback to Pakistani team. And if we goto the Black Caps camp, they're also having a similar sort of situation as couple of days ago was their chief coach sacked thanks to a winless tour to Bangladesh and India where they had to face a white wash and like Pakistan in their last tour to Australia 2009-10, they had a winless tour to subcontinent.

So in my opinion, both teams are Even Stevens, with home team have a clear advantage that Pakistan lost their last 2 T20s i.e. 2 against England and later against South Africa where…

Pakistan tour to NZ, not optimistic about it

The Kiwi Cricket Board already showed their stance that
Kiwi public may not be excited about Pakistan's upcoming
tour of the country amid spot-fixing controversyAlready when Pakistan tour to New Zealand going to start in matter of some days on the boxing day with a series of 2 T20 series, one of the major news off the ground was that Kiwi Cricket Board's heads are not very optimistic with this current tour of Pakistan haunting a spot fixing scam with them. They've the right to say that they're not very much pleased with what going on with Pakistan as the Justin Vaughan feels that the New Zealand public may not be excited about Pakistan's upcoming tour of the country due to the spot-fixing controversy, "I can understand the public may not be quite as excited about Pakistan as they otherwise might have been," Vaughan said. Pakistan's tour of New Zealand, which is part of the ICC's Future Tours Programme, will be the only inte…

Importance of television production and Pakistan Cricket

Today I am going to write into some of the neglected aspects in Pakistan, Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan Cricket Board. Its on the importance of television production and cricket commentary. Many countries have promoted the game of cricket in their countries by means of the same. But here in Pakistan its a completely neglected aspect and this thing was seen even when the TV contracts were granted to the companies (usually PTV those times) for covering Pakistani games, and for each home series, the contracts were granted on the series-to-series basis instead of a tenure based contract or agreement.
They are the current broadcasters of Pakistan
Cricket but thanks to the lenient policy of PCB,
we're not able to present ourselves properly on the
cricketing grounds.Today, the reality is that in the telecast rights domain a huge question mark hangs over any tourney that features any high profile cricket team. And if truth be told, it makes no differ…

Is ICC unbiased?

Someone should take strong
action from Pakistani end. How is covering this story

Transliteration (not good but still need your feedback on it)
Karachi (staff reporter): ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat on the eve of the
case on spot fixing allegations on the Pakistani trio, showed biased nature
on suspended Pakistani trio by giving sensational statements which might
hurt the open hearing tribunal status. He was found saying that if Asif, Amir
and Salman get away from their cases, so he'll be disappointed.
He further mentioned that ICC is not going to adopt lenient attitude with the trio.
It must be noted that from 6th to 11th January 2011, there would be open
hearing on the trios future. Mr. Lorgat further mentioned while talking to an
international radio service that the ICC wants to convey a strict message
internationally with this case hearing.
During the August 2010 The Lord's Test, the trio were alleged of
doing spot fixing, which is benched by 3 tribunal members lead by

Voices from Pakistan in selection of players

Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Malik on Wednesday expressed disappointment at being dropped from Twenty20 and Test squads against New Zealand, clamouring for answers from the cricket board.
A separate squad will be announced for six One-day Internationals. Chief selector Mohsin Khan said Kamran, Malik and Kaneria — all under suspicion of spot or match-fixing — had not been cleared by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Yousuf was left out for lack of fitness, he said.
Kamran claimed he had been cleared of any corruption. “I am disappointed at being left out, because I passed an email from the ICC to the PCB last month which cleared my name for selection, so I should know why my name was excluded,” Kamran, 28, told AFP from the town of Sialkot.
But he has since featured in domestic matches, hitting his highest first-class score of 268 last month.
Malik also told AFP he was disappointed at being excluded. “I am really disappointed,” he said. “I have performed well in the domestic season. …

Too much influence sorry to say influenced by our own heads

Sorry to say but not only the PCB selection committee but the whole PCB seems to me a dummy organization, which gets influenced from the sports governing body. Although obeying them isn't a bad thing, but the country's interest should come first. If that were the case that 5 of Pakistan players are barred from representing their own country, namely Danish Kaneria, Senior Akmal, M. Amir and Asif and Salman Butt, who are barred from representing their country internationally in a cricketing even, than why so much privilege is given to Suresh Raina, one of my personal favourite middle order batter, when he also have the charges and most importantly similar to that of Amir, Asif and Salman Butt, but still he's playing a representing his country against the Kiwis in their own backyard. I just wanna ask why so much discrimination.

Although I must say we always lacked in creating lobbying in favour of us, and that's why we're always deprived of cricketing friends internati…