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Problem not Butt, but the whole system

No one is or trying to cope
the actual problem in Pakistan Cricket Osman Samiuddin's latest article on Cricinfo magazine clearly states that the problem have been the political involvement in formerly a Joint Stock Company listed in the SECP, has been a disastrous exercise which pushed Pakistan Cricket some years back I fear. No investment on players, properties, grass root, promotion and marketing of this sport properly in the country, cricketing relations with neighbouring Cricket Boards in cold. Is anything more is left to be happen?

Let us admit, 3/3/2009 was our cricket board's mismanagement, and because of them humiliation to a nation... If you ask me, the main problem would not be solved by changing of faces but to clear up the mess created during the past years and let the system work smoothly, give peace of mind to the players by giving them permanent jobs, educating them, work on the grass root level because new talent emerges from there and all of the training work is …

Innocent unless proven guilty or guilty unless proven innocent???

Cameras showed Shoaib Akhtar trying to play with the seam
of the white cricket ball
As if Englishmen are angels!!!!Do you call this a fair tactics? They called Shoaib Akhtar cheating in the game with respect to ball tampering, and showed the file footages of it. Although whatever Shoaib did wasn't to be praised of, but why can't the English media try to point out such things with their own players? Cheating if we go into the past was started from them, and even people who safeguard such people belonged from there... 
Who can forget Mr. Lever's Vaseline incident, or a Kiwi bowler's confession of ball tampering against Pakistan in a match played at Faisalabad, apart from confession he supported his claim by saying the he did it because Pakistanis also do the same!!! How pathetic... Ok lets ignore this one too... What about Tim Bresnan's latest thing (image), ball tempering and that too from the very first ball!!!
Plus they humiliated Muhammad Aamer …

Whom to blame????

Thank god, the controversial England tour comes to an end. Although it ended with some new controversies and with some pending ones too, like Shoaib Akhtar's ball tempering allegations and Pakistan's three trio's spot fixing case by the Scotland Yard. Unlike others I take things in another manner, like it wasn't the case of players involved in each and everything (although they aren't angels aswell), but more of a lenient management of Pakistan Cricket. I bet if it were like the management at the time when conversion of BCCP to PCB, as a joint stock company at Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan aka SECP, Englishmen would had some respect and control over their language, unlike this tour where they were too blunt in their freedom of expression motto.

Plus credibility of ICC as a global game organizing body has been on stake although they've created a Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, but still they were taking actions more on tabloids instead on their on s…

Are they doing justice?

Are the persons on the helm of affairs of ICC,
doing justice to their designations? It has really been a difficult tour for the Pakistani team. I still remember the very first test which Pakistan played against England at Nottingham just after their win against the Aussies at Headingley, when Mike Atherton asked Strauss a question regarding controversy on which the last tour ended in dismay, in return he replied that that won't be the case this time and we will try to play in the real spirit of the game!

But since than, thanks to the power of media this series has been polluted with controversies every now and than, again like last time when the Oval scandal which happened to be the last test of the series when the peculiar match forfeit scandal took place, and this time it was the Lord's test which was the penultimate one this time and again the match fixing thing was made a public talk, thanks to the unknown tabloids and their under-cover reporters doing the same jobs like som…

Difference a captaincy can make to a team!

An skipper can make or break a player's career. Take Inzamam played with Asim Kamal's career or, vice versa take Younis Khan who re-energized Afridi during the ICC World T20 2009 in the UK when he was about to be kicked out of the Pakistani team because of his poor batting form, but everyone saw the Number 10 shirt wearer in the Pakistani team was the Man of the Tournament during that tournament, and still Afridi took the confidence from that tournament to his captaincy during the One All T20 match against the Lankans in their own backyard and than the two T20s against the Kiwis in the UAE which also favoured the Pakistanis.

It was all because of the wise judgment of a fighter skipper we had during those days and which was revitalizing the whole Pakistani unit. In whatever and whichever the sport, skipper have to lead from the front. Recently during the second ODI between England and Pakistan at Headingley, Leeds, Andrew Strauss laid the foundation for the later batsmen to scor…

Not very optimistic!

Now since this T20 and ODI series is going to be started under the shadows of match fixing and etc, today Pakistan when bat first against the inform English team, it looked under pressure from the ball one. Although after early departure of Senior Akmal, inclusion of Mohammad Yousuf did helped a bit but that's true that Mohammad Yousuf played hurriedly and didn't thought of staying on the wicket and to keep the score board tickling, instead he was more thinking of relying on 4s and 6s, although he's not a hard hitter of the ball but still, his inclusion did helped.

After playing under pressure against the English players, Pakistan managed to score a modest score of 126 in 120 balls, which for me against a world champion T20 team, is peanuts!

Although Pakistan have taken 5 crucial wickets but the youngsters fired for the English team with the debutant Davies hammered crucial runs along with Bopara and Morgan and now while I am writing this 118-5 is England's score! and li…

Forget what others say, concentrate on your own created mess!

Elders also say that don't poke into others' matter but to clear-up your side of the collar! That's what the time required, instead of taking solid steps to get rid of such rubbish from Pakistan Cricket, we've been busy with blaming our created mess to others!

I personally feel that others would and will exploit you on your weakness, unless you're something like GodFather sorta person in real life! That's where we've been lagging... Others will surely try to pinch us on our weak points but it doesn't mean that you instead of taking solid steps to get rid of that weakness, try to blame game and word fights thinking we'll win that way! I don't think or suppose the world moves that way!

The current fiasco we've been facing I am sorry to admit leads to our Cricket Board's Higher management instead of players, players after seeing that their higher authority members aren't accountable so they try to do the same! Because for a child, his or …

Why not Indians?

IPL can't be as clean as it seems! Yesterday while I was busy with playing with television's remote, at one instance I had to stop as SRT was on TV saying his heart out on this current match fixing issue faced by Pakistani cricket team! Although he has been limited with media recently and apart from some advertisements he has not been found giving his own opinions on cricketing matters off-late!

So for me it was something worth listening too, and while listening to his press-conference, he struck a point which dazzled me too, apart from that those who're guilty should be punished, but his one statement that none of the Indian Cricket team players were contacted by bookies! That thing DID hit me, that right apart from India, Pakistan Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players had accepted that bookies had tried to contact them and going as far as the Tasmanian Side, Aussie player Brad Haddin and Shane Watson had revealed that during Pakistan Australia Lord's test and previously Aus…

What they said!

Matter taken from link above!

“They got their hooks into him as a baby, at a time when he would have had few confidants in the dressing room, few colleagues he could have gone to for guidance. These men, his team-mates, were meant to look after him; instead they corrupted him, blackened his soul and diminished his talent.
Look at Aamer’s no-ball. It is a joke. It is so exaggerated, so utterly out of keeping with his bowling performance on Friday that it attracted the attention of the television commentators.
Look at Asif’s. Barely over, a small misjudgment, hardly noticeable. To the naked eye, one man looks as if he knows what he is doing, the other hasn’t a clue. If the allegations are correct, both are cheating, but the older man appears better at it; one might even say more practiced.” Martin Samuel – Daily Mail
“When I heard on Saturday night that Pakistan were involved in a match-fixing scandal, I immediately thought two things. The first was: I’m not massively surprised…

Cease the tour!

I must say Pakistan lost a Test match and a series but they might have lost something more important: their integrity and the manner now the T20 and the ODI series would be played would not be good! Knowing the nature of English crowd they've been expressive so there might be a possibility that Pakistanis may and surely would be abused from the crowd! So like Sambit Bal in one of his article clearly stated that the manner the future games be played is not suitable for the game of cricket.

So I personally feel that in order to play in humiliation because of such serious allegations, it's much better that to return home and those who're convicted should stay there till Scotland Yard completes its investigation and I pray with the core of my heart that all of the called players should come out clean. The PCB must suspend the tour and get on with the business of finding the truth. Among other things, there has been talk of matches in the ODI series being fixed. Cricket can'…

What's next?

3/3/2009, Spot fixing allegations, bomb blasts in Lahore and now news breaking that BoomBoom the official kit manufacturer of Pakistan cricket is now thinking of its status of official kit manufacturer of Pakistan Cricket. What else can go wrong now?

Crisis from each and every end as one could say! Need someone of Imran Khan or Arif Ali Khan Abbassi's calibre to run the matters of Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan itself!

Something strict like that must be taken!

Omar Waraich of the Independent joins the former Pakistan captain Imran Khan as he tours his flood-stricken country on a relief mission – and tries to make sense of the betting scandal gripping cricket.

The controversy recalls a moment in 1989, when he [Imran Khan] was warned of a plot to corrupt his team. "I was called in the middle of the night," he says. "It was the final of the Australasia Cup against Australia in Sharjah. I was told that four of our main players had either been bought or would throw the match.

The next morning, Mr Khan summoned his team. "I told them, 'Look, I know all of you and I know cricket. If I see any of you underperforming, I will not just have you banned, I will ensure that you go to jail." He told the coach to bet the team's entire prize money on winning. It worked. "We won the match," he says, and later it was "confirmed that bookmakers had tried to influence the players".

Aren't some one in cu…