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Something positive from the deserts

A draw against the number 2 test team is meant a lot more Yesterday was the end of South Africa and Pakistan's tour to the United Arab Emirates which ended in a draw. But Pakistan played literally better in the longest format of the game. Although the pitches belted were taylor made for batters but still Pakistan managed to take wickets on those pitches too, and for the first time in many years, I saw a consistent batting performances from the green shirts, specially from Azhar Ali, who looked solid, although I must say he's limited in shots, but still he has the tendency to stay on the wicket, which is the main criteria in this format.

It must also be noted that after Sharjah, these were the two grounds in the UAE where a test match between two international sides were staged here. Although Sharjah Stadium not being used for now but still there is a chance that the stadium might get a chance to stage an international fixture, specially when Pakistan is a no-go area for internat…

Is it team or individual?

Younus Khan raises his bat after a match saving innings
against the Proteas on the penultimate day of the Dubai Test Like Express Tribune rightly mentioned, Younus Khan Returns and returns with a bang of course. His brilliant knock made me wonder what Pakistan COULD have achieved on their marathon tour of England earlier this year, had Younus been a part of the tour, which is not worth mentioning, things could have been slight better. Although I am not saying he's a God or something, but the mental toughness he possesses, could help the youngsters raising their game standard upto that mark. Specially when the team is only with one specialist batsman apart from the skipper Misbah ul Haq himself, as MoYo has been ruled out of the tour thanks to the injury, there should be damn pressure on the shoulders to lead from the front.

But the main point according to me is that, again what's life AFTER YOUNUS KHAN AND MOYO? Do we have specialist batsmen on the bench who could replace them a…

Atlast something to cheer for Pak Cricket

Something to cheer for Pakistan Cricket, else the male version did
disappoint apart from Younus Khan's heroics on the penultimate day of
Dubai test. Today is another Eid gift for the Pakistani cricket lovers, as just before the Eid day started, Younus Khan on behalf of Pakistan Male Cricket team gave a Eid gift to the nation on the CHAND DIN (the day just before the EID), and today on the third day of the Eid, the female version of Pakistan cricket team, did play their part in doubling the joy by winning a gold medal for Pakistan in cricket even in the Asian Games 2010, which has been the first time that cricket as a game has been featured in a medal oriented games organized, although this time it was on the Asian level but still if the popularity of the games increases at this level, than it might also be featured on other levels as well.

Anyways! PWC Team do showed the courage to compete and show the world that that they could be minnows in the female version of Cricket, but don&#…

Can someone go THAT cheap?

Can someone go that deep into a cheapness? Reports which are coming from London and from PCB clearly showing that the things were not as sever as Haider was portraying. Similarly if I put myself into Haider's shoes, I'd clearly headed to Karachi to be with my family, instead of flying to London and gathering media attention by saying that some people were behind me and they wanted to kill me blah blah blah.

Is he really that much a bigger star cast like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, Aamir Sohail and list goes un-ending? Is HE ON THAT STANDARD? What I personally feel now, this was just for gathering media attention and nothing else, already he has a Facebook presence aswell, and yeah speaking of Facebook, yesterday he wrote on his wall that NotW newspaper wanted to bribe him for giving them his interview but he refused it and gave it voluntarily. What else I can say about this gentleman, wanting the fame either by hook or by crook.

Such players are usually ne…

See! I told you

News which have been in rotation that NotW is wholly responsible for this mishap... Don't wanna use idiomatic statements over here regarding the logo of a third class British Tabloid, WHICH AGAIN responsible to bring the name of Pakistan into dismay.

News which has been in rotation in Pakistani network is that again NotW has been behind all this, and like the way they trapped several Pakistani players in their own backyard, they tried to do the same again with Pakistani players and this time it was a rookie Haider, who fall into their sinister plan and now he is in their grab in the UK.

This is what making me into suspicions that why in the world he was getting so desperate to to get his passport and to leave for England as soon as possible, and if news are to believed true, A NotW NEWSPAPER REPORTER WAS ACCOMPANYING HAIDER IN THE EMIRATES AIRLINE! This NotW newspaper was all the way pleading that to ban Pakistan cricket when Pakistani team was touring England recently...

For a third …

Same old story with new characters

Some questions still in my mind
why and how Haider was able to
depart from Dubai to London, and
no-one even dared to notice him Whatever happened in Dubai yesterday is past, I was not hopeful of Pakistan winning their first bilateral series since their win against the West Indies in 2008 on the same deserts of Arabia they're playing with South Africa and that's why I was on work but I didn't took my phone's handsfree to keep me away from the commentary and because of it I wasn't able to know what literally happened to Pakistani team BEFORE THE START OF THE MATCH, was an unexpected shock which came from the person I wasn't expecting from, i.e. from Pakistan's rookie wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider aka Haider.

If news reports are expected to be true, that it all started when the Pakistani players were penalized and fined on disciplinary grounds and fined the trio 500 Emirates Dirham just a day before the fifth and penultimate ODI against the Proteas, and the ne…