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No comments on it!

Isn't Pakistan on their priority list?

Do they respect this five pointed star? Had they cared for the country, they won't have had committed this crim! I know I am using tough language but still if you ask my opinion its a crime, when you're playing with the name and the honour of a country! Working hard but still losing a match is something one can forgive but to play with the name of the country by fixing a match or a particular stage of a game which can tilt an evenly poised game in one team's favour is a crime and in Pakistan's case I'd like the High and the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take serious and unprecedented action against them so that no one in future may dare to go that far in playing with the name of the country! Don't they know they're also representing not only the people in PAKISTAN but the overseas Pakistanis living in the UK as well, if I am not wrong, Ma'am Saeeda Warsi also a part of British government and just think how much she'd felt humiliated and insulted on ge…

10 years of continuous controversies

The first blow
April 7, 2000 Delhi police charge Hansie Cronje with fixing South Africa's ODIs against India in March for money. They also release transcripts of an alleged conversation between Cronje and an Indian businessman, suggested to be a bookie, Sanjay Chawla. The conversation is about who is playing and who is not, who is in on the "deal", the amount alleged to be paid to Cronje and his team-mates Herschelle Gibbs, Pieter Strydom and Nicky Boje. Cronje denies any involvement in the matter, and the South African board, former players and media rally behind him. Cronje's denial
April 9, 2000 South Africa's captain continues to stand his ground, saying at a press conference: "I want to make it 100% clear that I deny ever receiving any sum of money during the one-day international series in India. I want to also make it absolutely clear I have never spoken to any member of the team about throwing a game." Cronje confesses
April 11, 2000 The …

Ashamed of being a Pakistani for the first time in my life!

Too much being defensive in approach!

A coach's job is not only to tune them but to make strategy as well! This fourth and the penultimate test match of the series is either going to be a drawn game or a win for English players! Its as simple as that, Pakistan do not have that much of a firepower to first reduce a 400+ deficit and than to impose something for the English to make them bat again in the second innings!

After the controversy between Butt and Flower on favouring Aussies as the favourites for coming Ashes in Australia, this was the reply of it by Flower and the English, might you've noted (not offense however Trott played a gym of a inning) but the way they wasted the time after being warned let the spirit of sportsmanship aside, by abruptly taking time on taking guard again and again and while the bowler returning to his mark, taking lots of time consulting with Broad, wasn't that defy of spirit of cricket while playing at the HOME OF CRICKET?

I'd blame our coach and support staff who are responsi…

Hawk-eye and the slower bowlers

Hawk-eye may be good for pace bowlers but for spinners who turn the ball?
Pacers may get the close to 100%
But can it predict actual speed and bounce
off the pitch variations when it comes to spinners? I usually get note of small things happening around me all the time, so similarly with cricket, while watching Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Aamer demolishing English batting during second innings at the Oval, I noted one thing that for majority of predictions Hawk-eye was presenting were not accurate, and at times when couple of Ajmal's appeals were turned down, while seeing on hawk-eye it were seen that Saeed Ajmal was actually generating a bounce for the good length area like a pace bowler, although I personally think majority of those appeals which were turned down were creating doubts, but to show that those deliveries were actually bouncing so much off the batting crease to hit the bales of the wickets keeping in mind the ball HAD to travel some distance to hit the wicket, that seems…

Be ready to be COOKed at Lord's!

Returned after a long gap because I was busy with my university's flood relieve activities!

Atlast Pakistan did win in this series, that too with comprehensive performances from our bowlers and similarly equal unsatisfying performance with bats in hand! Apart from some +vs, one negative aspect to be have great note of is that Alastair Cook, the English opener has shown some sort of form in the second innings of the test played at the Brit Oval, and so the next test starting in 2 days time from the time I am writing this thing, it would be a great test for Pakistani batters to bat on and score heavily to get English into some sorta trouble!

Again even though MoYo have been included but still batting looks bleak and the whole burden is on Moyo. Even if England won the toss and elected to bat first, there's sniff of a chance that Pakistan might replay the same performance they had in England's first inning, and if Pakistan bat first, I personally don't think Pakistan can…