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Hit me hard!

Yesterday after listening to Younis Khan's allegations that he was banned without giving him a chance to clarify his position on his indefinite ban imposed by the PCB claiming he was one of the responsible person for creating anarchy in the team during the disastrous tour of down-under 2009-2010.

I am curious to know that after the ODI leg of concluded test series in New Zealand, which was played in Dubai, Younis Khan had resigned as the leader of the team and in place of him, Muhammad Yousuf was made the skipper of the side for New Zealand and Australia tour, and he (Younis Khan) was only available for the 5 ODI series against the Aussies, so how can he be responsible when things were starting to topsy turvy just at the eve of test series played in New Zealand where he was not available neither as captain nor as a player.

It was the responsibility of team management to prevent this situation as soon as possible, and because it was the failure of management more than the players, PCB instead of punishing and fining heavily to the players (they should have punished the players) they should have emphasized more on managerial disturbance during the tour.

But Irony of Fate, the manager of that team who created all this controversy was one of the seated members of the inquiry committee headed by Wasim Bari, C.O.O. of Pakistan Cricket Board a.k.a. Paindoo Cricket Board.

Younis Khan also mentioned that Shoaib Malik created all the drama, as Malik thought that Khan created such results to dump him (Malik) as a captain, and that's where differences emerged, and he tried to convey the message to PCB but in return he was gifted with an indefinite ban.

In the end our parliamentarians should have acted sensibly and people like Jamshed Dasti who have been criticizing Khan of match fixing allegations, I personally ask him, is he saying all these crap on the basis of solid reasons, proves or justifications or these allegations are also like his fake BA degree in Islamic Studies? It has literally ruined Younis Khan's crystal clear career. Although Khan would be having attitude problem but it doesn't matter the most when he plays for the team and scores for the team, at the end of the day this is what really matters.


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