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I'll have to admit that!

Pakistani team being the potential to be unpredictable at times and tend to do anything unexpected this time like many analysts say that Pakistan team will go not more than the semi final stage. Pakistani nation is too generous for praying but this time it isn't the case!

To be honest and realistic, they don't stand a chance to be at the winning post like they did last year, inductance of several new players (drastic inductance instead of gradual inductance and it may harm their cricket career), heavily dependence on Afridi and Razzaq in the middle order, Umar Akmal not in the form he was in when he was inducted to the Pakistani National Team, absence of players like Umar Gul, Shoaib Malik and Younus Khan, especially Younus Khan who tend to take the team with him, all of his innings affirm this fact, and now 11 months after that tournament in England, these main spearheads are faded by several reasons. Bowling no doubt would be under pressure and because our bowling would be un…

Before the start of ICC World T20...

I am not a firm believer of stats when it comes to performance on the ground but still its worth to have a look at:

Comparison of performance of teams in T20I matches and ICC Twenty20 World cup matchesTeamT20I playedwonlostw/l ratioT20 WC
matches played
wonlostw/l ratioPAKISTAN302273.14141033.33SOUTH AFRICA261791.8811924.50AUSTRALIA2915121.258350.60SRI LANKA2515101.5012933.00NEW ZEALAND3313170.7611560.83ENGLAND2510140.7110370.42INDIA201081.2512641.50WEST INDIES218110.728350.60BANGLADESH143110.277160.16ZIMBABWE8340.752111.00

Was that really necessary?

Was that much hype really necessary for arrival of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza in Pakistan? Whenever they started their tour of Pakistan, media instead acting sensibly and educating the mass to how to act in these situations and to let them watch it through media, they created such hype that made people to rush through the airports and to those areas where they were about to roam.

Wasn't that insulting so much of people were eagerly waiting for just to have a glimpse of them but they used another terminal to enter the city and the country! Was that really necessary when it was known that like our Cricket heroes after winning the 2009 T20 cup arrived here in privacy and with so much security without showing their glimpse, so how could they don't have figured that out for Shoaib and his newly wed bride with her family?

The responsibility not only fall on the shoulders of people that they couldn't hide their enthusiasm but it was the responsibility of media (both…

Umar Gul, Yasir Arafat out - Muhammad Sami and Muhammad Irfan In

Serious blow indeed to the on-going World T20 camp in Lahore when Pakistan's ace bowler in T20, Umar Gul got injured during fielding drilling and Yasir Arafat having calf injury and medical assessments showed results in negative. Their replacements were announced with the consensus from skipper, coach and chief selector, Muhammad Sami and hulking Muhammad Irfan, who was selected on the performance of recently concluded RBS Domestic T20 tournament in Karachi, although keeping in mind he was not initially included in the 15-men squad or in the reserves but the potential surprise value his height brings have thought to have persuaded the management to prompt for him.

Lets hope, that he would be a prospect in the T20 world cup in the Caribbean, which is the land from where Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh belongs to, although have heard that the pitches over there have been flattened compared to those times when both of these Windies great used to play, still he (Muhammad Irfan) migh…

Mr. Haroon Lorgat's visit to Karachi

Haroon Lorgat, Shahid Afridi and Ijaz Butt address the media during the official launch of the ICC World Twenty20 in Karachi © International Cricket Council

Yesterday 15th April 2010, Haroon Lorgat, the ICC's chief executive, was in Karachi to launch the World Twenty20 tournament which is to be played in the Caribbean later this month. His visit was the first by a high-ranking ICC official since the terror attacks in Lahore last year that took international cricket away from the country for the forseeable future.
I was watching his interview on TV and he answered to many tactical and difficult questions which were justified at some context, and hats off to our sports journalists and Aamir Sohail who put forward Pakistan's case in front of ICC CEO which I am sorry to say our cricket board wasn't able to.
Anyways the only question which is wobbling me that if (and I hope its more than if) Pakistan qualifies for the semis and Inshallah into the finals on 2011 cricket world cup,…

Veena-Asif controversy... AGAIN! shoot

This article in the Pakistani news paper says it all. An actress whose whole career is filled with such controversies, bagged Asif as her new victim.

Its for us to see how some people to get undue attention try to do cheap things however and whatever circumstances the other party would face! as 4th line from the start also mentions it, that filmi actress' try to do such things when they don't have any other related activity to involve with.

This article says all, those who can understand Urdu script can easily understand.

I wasn't able to understand that how at once Asif got so poor just after he bagged IPL1 amount that Veena Malik had to spend money on curtains, carpets, payments to gardener, newspapers invoices etc and that too amounted in millions, what the fish man- اتنا کون ایک وقت میں غریب ہو سکتا ہے؟

As the article mentions about another of Pakistan's actress Sana who played a drama of having her engagement broke with fiance Fakhar Imam, which was a promotion tactic…

Blessing in disguise!

Yeah! we can say that missing the IPL3 was a blessing in disguise because like what I've seen in IPL3 (don't think others will agree with me, but still کہنے میں کیا حرج ہے), players are fatigued and looking tired in the humid conditions of India playing "tough and competitive cricket", and staging this tournament just ahead of the 2010 edition of World T20 tournament making me feel that the purpose of this tournament was to improve ratings (which they weren't able to) and so called assumption to make the players ready for the tournament in the Caribbean- what can I say about it, its just that you have to play a whole series in Karachi but you are practicing in Lahore or even at Multan.

On the other hand, current T20 champions, who were left for IPL 3rd edition, are practicing in Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium, to cope with the heat and humidity of Caribbean, as compared to Karachi Lahore these days been more hotter in terms of figures, and secondly practicing in a h…

Shoaib Malik's marriage saga

Wo! Wo! Wo! The time I am writing this thing, police has left Mirza's place after investigating and interrogating with Malik (the former Pakistani Cricket team skipper) leaving behind insult, humiliation not only to Malik himself but to whole of Pakistan, because his passport and cellular connections have already been in custody of Hyderabad city police, even being a commoner I know how much life is difficult for Pakistanis to go there in India, like we get insulted and humiliated in the west by having our bodies checked physically and scanning, similarly in India, Pakistanis are seen with great suspicion.

So why was he so willing to visit India way before the official plannings, he was supposed to come to Pakistan from Dubai, but instead he landed late night in Hyderabad Deccan and later next day he was exposed that he's in Deccan, when he also knew Siddiqui's were in full rage and were in terrible mood to get hold of him by hook or by crook, I mean it because Shoaib Malik…

More mismanagement than players' power!

I don't think it was a matter of more players' power, it was more of a combination of stupid management, I write that right, it was more stupid than that of the mismanagement term, because the management is having loose control on players, so that's why they have been practicing this self ego exercise regularly.

If there weren't a problem like that, than players didn't dare to do such things, like exposure of personal ego, coming into the media, and trying to pull another player's leg by exposing his name and saying he's the one because of which team is not performing well. I admit they've been a great players but they should be handled properly and made them understand the lines of do's and don'ts because they are not above the rule, game and the governing body of the sport in Pakistan.

Even if there are grievances in the players, they should be solved without being the breaking news material for the news channels in Pakistan and whole over the w…